What Does The Instyler Do To Your Hair?

I love the InStyler MAX PRIME Brush because it’s one of the the most versatile hair styling product that has hit the market. It could very well be the only tool you need for your hair to look fabulous every day of the year. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, straightened style, a glamorous curled look or anything in between the Instyler can do it all.

The InStyler is a new tool for hair styling that straightens, polishes and styles hair with a rotating heated barrel and brush bristles. This completely new design polishes the hair strands individually and allows the user to achieve amazing results that are much better than those with a flat iron or curling iron.

The new design delivers great results without extreme heat or heavy product styling.

InStyler does hair differently than a flat iron

What does the InStyler do differently to your hair than say a flat iron? A flat iron compresses, mashes and bakes your hair literally between two extremely hot plates. A flat iron makes your hair as full and bouncy as a sheet of paper by pressing and ironing your hair strands together. The heated polishing barrel of the brush gives your hair the heat it needs for styling and straightening. And since the barrel is moving constantly, it won’t “press and bake” like a traditional flat iron. The brush’s bristles comb and separate your hair, while the heated barrel’s rotating movement literally polishes each hair strand with a smooth “buffing” action, providing much more shine, brightness and body.

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “The polishing action enables the brush to use less heat than a flat iron and to achieve much better results. In addition, you can actually use the brush as a styling tool, as the curvature of the heated polishing barrel allows you to make flicks, curls and add volume that can’t be done with a flat iron.

What is the barrel diameter?

The barrels diameter is 32mm.

What are the bristles made of?

The bristles are heat resistant nylon.

What is the power of the InStyler?

It is is 220 Vac, 50 Hertz and 145 Watts.

How do I turn the it on?

Check to make sure it is plugged in. Press the Power button. The LED bars should light and begin flashing. Once the LED stops flashing it is ready to go. You must close the handle to begin the rotation.

How do I get my it to rotate?

You must close the handle to start the rotation. The rotation will start automatically.

What if my it does not heat?

Check to make sure your its is plugged in. Press the Power button. The LED bars should light and start flashing. When the LED stops flashing it will be at the set temperature and ready to use.

When I use it, why does the temperature LED start to flash?

It is normal for the heat to fluctuate during use. As long as it has been allowed to reach full heat (steady LED) after powering on, you can continue to use it while it is flashing.

How do I clean my InStyler after brushing my hair

What Does The Instyler Do To Your Hair

According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “When you clean it, disconnect it from the power source and ensure that it has cooled completely. Only soft damp cloth wipe the outer surface. Before applying it be sure to wring out all excess water.

Use a soft, damp cloth with a mild soap to clean more severe dirt. If necessary, bristles can be scrubbed lightly with a damp cloth to remove any built up product and remove any remaining hair in the bristles. The barrel can be wiped down with a soft, damp cloth. Use a mild soap if necessary. Make sure it is completely dry before plugging into any power source.