Should You Brush Fine Hair?

What is a good hairbrush for fine hair?
Best Brushes For Fine Hair

For fine hair, the use of boar bristle brushes can advance your hairstyle to the next level. Boar bristle brushes are regarded as a prerequisite for fine hair. Did you know damaged, thin hair can benefit from an extra-soft boar bristle brush?

Brushing Fine Hair

For Fine Hair use a a boar brush. Boar bristle brushes are great for Fine Hair because they are known to help stimulate the scalp and boost circulation to hair follicles. The best thing you can do if you have thin hair is to be gentle while brushing and make sure you get the right hairbrush for fine hair. 

100% boar bristle brushes and combination boar and nylon can also stimulate the scalp and provide other benefits like detangling, all with one brush stroke. These brushes are excellent for blow-drying and detangling while being easy on your hair.

What is a good hairbrush for fine hair?

Products that work for us! We are not quick to recommend products. When we do they are not always the most popular or the biggest brands. Instead we try to figure out what really works to prevent costly mistakes. To review our list click Hair Care With Minimum Effort.

Best Brushes For Fine Hair
Brushes For thin HairRecommendationRating
Mason Pearson ‘Sensitive’ Handy Pure Bristle BrushI recommend with full confidence because this brush will last a lifetime with proper care. It’s an ultra high quality brush that simply glides through your hair giving you a beautiful natural shine.Good
The Wet Brush OriginalIn my opinion this is the best hairbrush you can get for detangling thin hair. The brush glides through your hair pain-free as it gently detangles.Excellent
Olivia Garden Ceramic and Ion Thermal Round BrushIt’s just a great brush period. It has a seamless body and handle so it does not snag your hair, it light weight so it handles effortlessly. Plus it has ceramic to heat up quickly and ions to help with flyaway conditions. As as you know this is a must for thin hair folks.Excellent
ghd Glide Professional Hair Straightener BrushIt is a professional high quality styling brush with ceramic technology combined with an ionizer to smooth and straighten hair. It is the simplest and easiest to use straightener brush on the market period.Excellent

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “The best hairbrush for fine is a soft boar brush or a soft combination boar and nylon bristle brush.” Firm bristle hairbrushes will have too much penetration on thin hair and will make brushing uncomfortable. Hard bristles will reach the scalp very easily and be too rough.

According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “Fine hair needs soft bristles, so it is not rough on the scalp.” Using a soft bristle brush, you get the benefits of stimulating your scalp boosting blood circulation. In addition, the soft bristles will help disperse your scalps natural oils for a brilliant shine.

Look for an everyday brush that specifically states it has soft bristles or declares it for sensitive scalps. You should stay away from first-cut boar bristles because these bristles will be the stiffest and very firm. Look for a second-cut as these boar bristles are not as stiff and will be much gentler on your scalp.

For fine hair, my favorite everyday general-purpose brush is the Mason Pearson ‘Sensitive’ Handy Pure Bristle Brush. Mason Pearson makes some of the finest quality hairbrushes in the world. They are expensive but will last a lifetime with proper care. Professionals do not mind paying for high quality because they know the brush will not break, feel good to their customers, and will last a long time. For detangling, my favorite hairbrush for thin hair is the Wet Brush Original. This is the best you can get for detangling thin hair as the brush glides through your hair pain-free as it gently detangles. The Wet brush uses their “intelliflex” bristles in which detangles your hair with every brush stroke. For styling thin hair, my favorite round brush to be used with a blow-dryer is the Olivia Garden Ceramic and Ion Thermal round brush in which comes in an assortment of sizes. Pick the size you think you will use the most or just buy several brushes in different sizes. This way you have them handy when ready to go to a different size wave or curl.

And lastly, for straightening fine hair, you want the best hair straightener brush that will not damage your hair. My top choice for fine hair is the ghd Glide hair straightener brush. It is a professional styling brush with ceramic technology combined with an ionizer to smooth and straighten hair. It does an amazing job thanks to the negative ions that help cancel out flyaway hair conditions. I recommend the brush because of its smaller handle. It is much easier to hold due to the smaller diameter handle. Most other straightener brushes have large diameter handles, making it difficult to hold and style hair. But not the ghd Glide. The most important feature about the brush and why I recommend it over many others is the simplicity of use. There is nothing to figure out. Just turn it on and it heats to 365 degrees Fahrenheit or 185 degrees Celsius the perfect temperature for styling thin hair. It is the simplest hair straightening brush on the market, period. As a bonus, the bush is of high quality, and it feels like quality. When you pick it up, it has a weight to it that immediately says quality. It does not have a plastic look and feels to it. The bottom line is it costs more but you get a high quality, simple to use, a great way to straighten fine hair.

These are three outstanding brushes for thin hair. I am sure there are others out there, so I challenge you to find one better and let me know in the comments below. Actually, I do not believe anyone can find a better brush for thin hair, so I will continue to boast that these are simply the best!!!

Which boar bristle brush is best?

Which boar bristle brush is best for thin hair types, a soft boar bristle hairbrush is best as it’s not too hard on your scalp. Which boar bristle brush is best for thick hair types, is a firm bristle brush to get enough penetration through thick hair for brushing. Thin hair types should look for boar bristles, brushes labeled as sensitive, second cut boar bristles, or soft bristles. Thick hair types should look for first-cut boar bristles or hairbrushes labeled as having firm bristles.


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