Choosing A Boar Brush

Boar brushes comes in different sizes and shapes. What brush type is best for your hair? You should know the advantages and disadvantages of each of the basic shaped brushes before deciding on one.

When choosing a boar brush look for a boar brush that has “First Cut” boar bristles. First cut bristles are taken from the root or bulb end of the bristle. First cut boar brushes are more expensive and more desirable because the bulb end of the bristle is thicker & has better penetration.

First cut boar brushes have stiffer bristles. Many manufactures reserve First cuts for their premium products. Also, make sure the bristles are long enough to penetrate to your scalp. Having a long enough bristle is essential for massaging your scalp for stimulating the release of a beneficial oil called sebum for conditioning your hair.

Plus you should know it’s indented purpose. Know these basic facts will make selecting a brush much easier. When it comes to boar brushes the basic brush shapes are, round brush, paddle brush and oval or regular brush.

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “Basically a paddle brush is going to be great for folks who have a lot of hair and their hair is long. Shoulder length or longer. An Oval brush is going to be great for those who have shoulder length hair or above. And lastly real quick, a round brush is going to be great at making volume or adding curls“. The larger the diameter of the round brush the larger the curl. For really short hair you are going to want a smaller diameter round brush.


Boar Bristle Brushes
Brush DescriptionUse
Spornette Deville 2 Inch Round Boar Bristle Hair Brush (#314)100% boar bristles in a rubber cushion perfect for all hair types
Spornette DeVille Cushion Oval Boar Bristle Hair Brush (#342)100% boar bristles in a rubber cushion perfect for all hair types
FHI Heat Stylus Blow Out Ceramic Boar BrushBlend of anti-static coated nylon and boar bristles for blowouts for all hair types and textures
Sam Villa Signature Series Styling Brush100% boar bristles & tourmaline infused ionic nylon bristles great for blow drying or styling hair
Sam Villa ArtistCombination of nylon and boar bristles in a unique Double-Helix bristle design for medium hair, looser curl, or creating fullness at the base
The Beachwaver Co. Blow Out Pro BrushNylon and boar bristle blend for women with longer hair who want a voluminous blow out.
R+Co Round Brush 1Handcrafted premium wooden brush with humanely sourced natural boar bristles great for blow drying shorter length hair
R+Co Round BrushesHandcrafted premium wooden brush with humanely sourced natural boar bristles great for blow drying shorter length hair. Also for creating volume at the crown and nape
Mason Pearson Pocket Pure BristlePocket mixture bristle of nylon hair brush for short, coarse to normal hair
Mason Pearson Pocket Sensitive Hair BrushPure boar bristle is specifically for brushing thinning hair and sensitive scalp. Ideal for fine hair
Oribe Round Bristle BrushHigh-quality boar bristles perfectly grips hair. A sectioning pin is hidden at end to separate hair during styling.
Mason Pearson ‘Sensitive’ Handy Pure Bristle BrushBoar bristle tufts have the highest reputation for polishing and maintaining hair.
Mason Pearson Sensitive Boar Bristle HairbrushPure boar bristle is specifically for brushing thinning hair and sensitive scalp. Ideal for fine hair
Mason Pearson HairbrushRubber-cushion pad allows for effective brushing for fine to normal hair
Mason Pearson Extra Hair Brush, LargeRubber-cushion pad allows for effective brushing for long fine to normal hair


According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “The reason why boar is so effective is that it’s like your own hair. Boar has tiny scales just like a human hair. These tiny scales are real good at collecting your scalps natural oils and spreading them  from the roots to the tips of your hair. Nylon is much smoother therefore is not as effective as boar.

The “First Cut” is the most desirable and costly. Most manufacturers use “Second” or “Third Cuts” because they are smoother and well suited to thin or thinning hair. A Second or Third cut is going to be cheaper and softer than a First cut. First cuts are more expensive and more desirable because the bulb end of the bristle is thicker and has better penetration. Many manufactures reserve First cuts for their premium products.

Boar Bristle Brush Purpose

Spornette DeVille Cushion Oval Boar Bristle Hair Brush (#342) is a great choice
Spornette DeVille Cushion Oval Boar Bristle Hair Brush (#342) is a great choice

Boar bristle brushes are the gold standard for creating a polished easy to maintain hairstyle for fine to medium hair types. Boar bristles brushes are effective at spreading natural hair oils from end to tip and lifting away debris such as dirt and dust.

Boar Bristle Brush Substitute

Boar bristle brush substitute basically comes down to choosing between 3 basic vegan alternatives. They are as follows: Sisal Hair Brushes, Nylon Brushes, and Wide Tooth Combs. The Sisal brush is made from Tampico plant fibers. Tampico fibers are stiff bristles that retain their shape and withstand high temperatures, perfect for brushing and drying hair. Nylon bristles brushes are great for thick curly hair. And wide tooth combs are great for detangling due to their wide-spaced teeth.

How To Clean Boar Bristle Brushes

  1. Brush Maintenance – It’s a great practice to always take a few seconds to remove hair from your brush after every time you use it. You can doe this easily by holding your brush in one hand and a comb in the other hand. If you have a rat tail comb (a pointed handle) then hold the teeth and run the point of the handle through the bristles a few times to dislodge and remove any hair. In addition you can also use the teeth of the comb to remove hair by lightly raking the teeth over and through the bristles. This action will lift the hair up so that you can then finish pulling it out of the brush by using your fingers.
  2. Clean you Brush by Using Shampoo – Did you know it’s a great idea to once a month or so shampoo your hairbrush? By performing this cleaning action on a regular basis removes dirt, oil, and any built-up hair products. You can do this easily by holding the handle and swirling the head of the brush around in a bowl of warm water. The step is to then put a few drops of gentle shampoo (I use baby shampoo) on the bristles of a toothbrush and use the toothbrush to scrub the bristles. Don’t forget to scrub the base of the hairbrush too. And lastly rinse the brush by swirling it around in the bowl of clean water. A word of caution if you have a wooden hairbrush. Do not soak your hairbrush in water as that could harm its cushion and any wooden parts.
  3. Dry Your Brush Overnight – After you have cleaned your brush place your nice clean wet brush on a dry towel to dry overnight. Do not put in the sun. Just simply put in a safe place out of the way where it can dry naturally. Make sure the bristles are facing down. Many cushion brushes have a small hole in the cushion at the base of the brush to allow water to drain out and air to circulate within the cushion part of the brush.

Boar or Nylon which is better?

Each has their own strengths and weakness, but if you have really thick and or curly hair you are going to need maximum penetration. A boar bristle brush alone may not provide you with the penetration you need. So manufactures also make a boar and nylon combination brush. A really stiff First Cut boar along with nylon can get you the extra penetration you need to reach your scalp. The combination give you almost all the benefits of using an all boar bristle brush. Reaching your scalp is important to be effective at spreading your natural oils throughout your hair.


Boar vs Nylon vs Bamboo
Conditions HairY  
Helps Hair GrowY  
Polishes Hair-shaftY  
Creates a Natural ShineY  
Less Static  Y
Head Massage  Y
Animal Friendly YY
Sustainable Product YY
Good for Blow-OutsYY 
Maximum Penetration YY


Combination boar and nylon for styling

Sam Villa Signature Series Styling Brush

Great video on the use of a boar and nylon styling brush. You are going to want to watch as the techniques used applies to both men and women. SamVilla Signature Series Styling brush

Quality boar brushes

When looking for a boar brush look for quality. Look closely at the workmanship of the brush and make sure that anywhere your hair will tough the brush is completely smooth and free from wooden splinters, gaps or rough or sharp edges. A wooden boar brush with splinters at the base will shred your hair. A cushion brush with shape edges where the bristle meets the rubber will also damage your hair.

Don’t be afraid to spend some money a good high quality brush. Just think of all the money you spend on hair products in a year. At $10 to $12 dollars a can that adds up over time. So spending more for a brush is not a bad idea. Plus your brush will last 10, 20 or more years with proper care. When is the last time your purchases hair care products and it lasted 20 years? Honestly, I have some, but these were bad products I ended up not using. So they sat in the bathroom drawer for years before I tossed them into the trash.

Why use a boar brush?

The main reason people use a boar brush is to help promote healthy shinny hair. In addition with regular use you may even find out that you can cut down or maybe even totally eliminate some hair care products. In the long run this might even save you some money. So really a high quality premium boar brush may really turn out to be more of a bargain than you initially thought.

Hair brushing is essential for washing, massaging the skin or scalp and for stimulating the release of a beneficial oil called sebum for conditioning. Brushing distributes natural oils or Sebum. The effect is a healthy, shinny looking hair. Since sebum is the natural oil that protects and moisturizes your skin. Daily brushing results in hair that is more manageable and, of course, more shinny.

More on brush types

Usually boar brush is called a finishing brush. This is because you want your hair to be completely dry and tangle free before your use a boar brush. Brushing wet hair is a bad idea and can cause your hair to break or snap very easily. When you hair is wet it’s at it’s weakest point. While brushing, it can stretch and then snap. This will cause breakage, weak spots and or split-ends. Before using a boar brush make sure you hair is tangle free. Boar has a lot of tension and if your hair is not completely detangled the boar bristles can grab the hair and either pull it out or cause it to break.

  1. Vent brush
  2. Round brush
  3. Paddle brush
  4. Teasing brush
  5. The Wet Brush – Does the wet brush work on dry hair and Is the wet brush good for your hair

What is a ceramic hair brush?

If you remember back from the art class in high school, ceramic is a hard substance made of clay. In the oven, Clay is heated to over 2000 degrees and the result is solid ceramic. One of the features of ceramics is that it heats up very quickly. As it heats, the temperature is evenly distributed through the material. So, for example, in a ceramic hair dryer or hot comb, as the hot air moves through the ceramic material, it heats up and stays hot. As the hot air moves over the ceramic material, ions are also released. See my article on negative ions and hair for more information about ions. Andrew Carruthers states the ions helps your hair dry quicker while blow drying. He was skeptical at fist but after running side-by-side tests he realized the ions really do make a difference.

Negative ions and hair

What’s a negative particle, huh? And what are the negative ions doing for your body? I bet you are primarily interested in the effects of negative ions and how they affect your hair. Okay, actually, I wrote this article that I had to go back to high school to figure out exactly what the ion was to begin with.For more read my article called Negative ions and hair, you’ll be glad you did.

Why does some boar brushes use a cushion?

Why does some boar brushes use a cushion?
This is NOT a defect or missing bristles – cushion air vent hole in a Jean Pierre brush

A pneumatic cushion is used to help facilitate the bristles conforming to your scalp. The cushion has a vent hole which allows air to escape, this action allows the brush to conform to your scalp while brushing. This action helps prevent the brush from being used too aggressively and scratching your scalp. When pressure is applied while brushing the brush cushion responds by venting out the air and complying to the couture of your scalp.

Jean Pierre makes great brushes. The one pictured above has nylon bristles. It’s an excellent nylon bristle brush. The only complaint I have is I feel the handle could be a little more comfortable.

One last suggestion when shopping for an expensive brush make sure you can contact their customer service prior to purchase and they actually answer back. Now days many customer service departments are non-existent. If I am going to pay a premium I want to at least be able to contact someone if I need too.

Boar bristle brushes for men made in Germany

Boar brushes made in Germany by master craftsman

Boar brushes made in Germany by master craftsman
German wooden boar hair brush made by master craftsmen is designed to make you feel and look great. They are unique products that make a great gift and a lasting impression. When you think of Germany, the first thought most likely comes to mind is high quality, exquisite craftsmanship and the finest boar brushes. And of course, in exchange for quality and craftsmanship, most people would be willing to pay a little more. After all, these are products that should last a lifetime if taken care of.

Are boar bristles vegan?

Are boar brushes considered to be vegan

Are boar bristles vegan?
Most are made of nylon and plastic. These are definitely vegan. But what about the ones that are derived from hogs, are they vegan? The problem is when upgrading from a synthetic to a natural one the main material used for natural bristles comes from pigs which are not vegan. This is very unpleasant and totally unacceptable to many vegans. So the main reason to upgrade to a boar bush is that many stylists claim that it helps to collect and distribute the natural oils evenly. And combine that with natural bristles your scalp is encouraged to produce a healthy production of sebum that smooths down the shaft thus increasing brightness and health. So if you are a vegan…

Do boar bristles damage hair?

Do boar bristles damage hair? There are several different types of hair and depending on your type you should choose the tools that is best for you. You can easily cause damage by forcefully taking it and ripping through your tufts, or combing when your hair is wet or even trying to detangle. These are instances where you should not be using it. There are other tools better suited for the job that is not going to…

Are boar bristle brushes made from boars?

Are boar bristle brushes made from boars

Are boar bristle brushes made from boars?
Combing will clean the dust and conditioning products from your tresses. As they come in contact with your mane are cleaning out the dead cells from you scalp, cleaning…

Are boar bristles good?

Are boar bristles good?
They have been around for a long time. They have always been known for creating shiny, healthy tresses without the use of styling products. It works to move oil down each follicle very time to comb. It’s this oil that coats each strand and help repair damaged areas and adds a protective shine. The process does not change the texture of your follicles. So if you have curly tufts for example, it’s not going to change that. You will still have curly hair. But the natural oil can make your it more bouncy for example. By combing your…

Are boar bristles cruelty free?

Are boar bristles cruelty free

Are boar bristles cruelty free?
Are you interest in finding out more about cruelty free piggy bristles? Say bye-bye to fly-away. Dual boar and nylon is one of the best combinations when combing your tufts for reducing static. It smooths and combs your hair beautifully without any pulling or tugging. The oval cushion is very well balanced with a combination of natural boar bristles with a soft finished edge and nylon. It glides through your tresses smoothly while boosting brightness and adding volume. The smooth, satin finish handles feel great in your hand while…

What is a Boar Bristle Brush Used For

What is a Boar Bristle Brush Used For?

What is a Boar Bristle Brush Used For
Boar bristle brushes have been around for a long time. They have always been noted for creating shiny, healthy hair without the use of styling products. As you well may know there are many well known famous actress that have used a boar bristle brush to obtain…


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