Does The Vent Brush Add Volume?

How To Get More Volume Using A Vent Brush

To get more volume using a vent brush start by sectioning off your hair at a 45 degree angle and use a vent brush or a round brush to curl your hair under.

Start closest to your head and work from the roots to the ends. Apply heat as you go and allow for your hair to cool and set. For more volume consider using a root targeted voluminous spray foam.

According to Stacey, our in-house Hair Research Analyst, “Blow drying to create volume is one very important way to turn a bad hair cut into something much better. And you can do this using basic styling tools like a vent brush or round brush and a hairdryer.

To learn more about the different types of hair brushes including the pros and cons of each brush type read my article on hair brush types.

You will be glad you did. You can use a vent brush if you have thick hair but a round brush is going to be the tool of choice especially if you have thin to medium hair.

Using a small thermal round brush will give you as much curl as possible. The following are paid links to products I recommend without hesitation to give you the perfect style.

And to give your hair more volume and control you can prep your hair by using Redken’sGuts 10 volume spray foam. Remember to always work in sections. This makes your job much easier especially if you have medium to long hair.

This product provides even more tension while using your brush and the blow dryer.

Depending on your hair type, if you have thick hair and you are using a round brush this technique may provide too much tension. You might try using a vent brush instead.

Guts Spy Foam 10 Unisex Foam by Redken used to add more volume
My go-to foam for adding lots of volume to your hair

You will need to experiment to find out which is going to proved the best results for your hair type. If you have thin hair you are probably want to use this method for more volume. This is a great voluminous product. It has no scent and doesn’t leave hair sticky or stiff. It’s also a very good value in that the can lasts and lasts.

Redken’s Guts 10 volume spray foam to a section of your hair and smooth in using two fingers in a wiping motion all along the hair shaft. Section off hair and work at a 45 degree (Off Base) angle from your head and start using the round brush or vented brush to curl your hair under. Start closest to your head and work to mid-hair shaft and then finally to the ends. Apply heat from the dryer as you curl the entire section of hair.


Add More Volume to Your Hair
Off BaseMoreMoreLess
Half Off BaseMoreLessLess
On BaseLessLessMore
Vent BrushLessLessMore
Round BrushMoreMoreMore
Spray FoamLessLessMore


Off Base technique to add more volume to your hair
Off Base technique to add more volume to your hair

After you have applied heat you need to set your hair otherwise you will loose your volume and or curl. Hair needs time to cool down and the molecules to set in place. You can pin your hair rolled up using a set clip or you can hold the hair rolled up in the brush until it cools.

Half Off Base technique to add more volume to your hair
Half Off Base technique to add more volume to your hair

Sometimes it can take as long a 20 minutes or so to fully set your hair so if you can pin your hair using a set clip while it’s curled you will gain maximum volume. The length of time is going to vary dependent on your hair type. For thick hair is can take longer than thin hair. Thin hair cools faster and usually take less heat. But can burn much more easily.

Generally you will start at the lowest sections of hair first and work upward toward your crown. Do not start at the crown and work down. This is important to gain maximum volume. Always use a 45 degree angle from your head on the lowest sections of hair. This is called (Off Base) For middle sections use a 90 degree angle from you head (Not the floor). This is called (Half Off Base). And finally when adding volume to your crown you will need to be more than 90 degrees from your head. This is called (On Base). Remember On Base on top. And it’s an angle from your head not the floor. This way the brush get much more closer to your roots achieving maximum volume and curl.

On Base technique to add more volume to your hair
On Base technique to add more volume to your hair

On Base will have much more volume coming directly off your scalp. Half Off Base will have a lots of bounce and curls. And finally Off Base will have lots of curl with less volume.

These are some of the basic hair styling foundation techniques that you can use to achieve unbelievable volume, curl and bounce using a vent brush or a round brush and a hair dryer. The more On Base you are with your brush the more volume your hair will have. The key to lasting volume all day is setting your hair. Giving your hair time to cool down and set.
My favorite hair dryer for adding volume is the Sam Villa Professional Light Dryer, Black Matte Soft Touch.

Are you looking for the best vent brushes? In these videos they spent time finding the best vent brushes for you and making a video of them all for your review. In these videos, you can find the top vent brushes listed. A listing of the features of each vent brush and why you should purchase.


3 Ways To Blow Dry Hair To Achieve Various Degrees of Volume

Excellent video to add volume to your hair you will want to watch. One if my favorite for adding volume to your hair style.


The foundations learned in hair school are included the principles of setting the hair with rollers. These principles taught how to achieve various degrees of volume based on the placement of the roller in relation to where it sits at various degrees from the scalp.

Let’s take a look at how these same principles relate to blow-drying the hair. We are just using brushes instead of rollers and a blow dryer instead of a hood dryer.


What other are saying about the Conair Professional Hair Vent Brush Set

Conair Professional Vent Hair Brush Set
My go-to vent brush by Conair Professional
I just got this great brush from Conair. This is made of plastic with rubber over the handle, very sturdy and durable. It’s a nice vent brush that has a great ventilated surface. The bristles on the brush are very durable and well made, slide easily through the hair. Has a hole in the handle if you want to hang it or attach a string. This is a great brush for any use. I use mine a lot for brushing my hair as well as doing different styles including up dos. Works great! I received this item complimentary or at a reduced price for my honest review. However, I only recommend products I truly love and use to my readers.



Sam Villa Professional Light Dryer
Hair dryer
My go-to hair dryer with the option to turn off ions for when you want more volume!
Sam Villa Thermal Styling Medium Brush
Ceramic round hairbrush
My go-to blow drying or styling hair ceramic brush comes in different sizes
Does The Vent Brush Add Volume?
Did you know a vent brush adds volume and texture to thick hair?


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