Popular Boar Bristle Brushes Why Use One?

Boar brushes are popular because they bring many great benefits when brushing your hair.

One of the biggest benefits over nylon brushes is being able to be really good at conditioning your hair naturally without the use of any special conditioning products.

A boar brush takes your hair’s natural oils and spreads them from the roots to the tips everything you brush. In return you get naturally conditioned hair with reduced frizz.


According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “The biggest disadvantage of using a boar brush is you should not use them on wet hair.


Always use on dry hair and start at the roots and brush down to your tips to spread you scalps natural oils down along your hair shaft. To detangle you would go the opposite direction.


The brushes mentioned here are for both men and women.

Popular boar brushes

Yolika Boar Bristle Paddle Detangling Brush

  1. Scalp oil is the best natural conditioner, superior boar bristles can bring natural oil from the root to the tip.
  2. Avoid pulling and tangling your hair. Yolika’s unique comb, which is a combination of boar bristle and soft nylon, can make your hair much easier.
  3. No matter what type of hair you have, thick or thin, straight or curly, the brush can perform perfectly.
  4. The upper ends of the brush teeth are made of circles that can prevent injury to the scalp, the striped anti-slip handle has an ergonomic design.
Best boar bristle brushes on Amazon
Yolika Boar Bristle Paddle Detangling Brush

Good to keep long and thick hair untangled. Works on dry and wet hair – however I strongly advise NOT to use a boar brush on wet hair due to your hair is at at weakest point when wet. Quality is good, considering the low price. Has a good Design.

A lower ratio of boar bristles to nylon pins than other brushes. And many are nylon. There is no statement as to the ratio of boar bristles to nylon. Not designed to use with a hair dryer due to the nylon bristles loos their form under heat.

Blow Dry Round Hair Brush with Natural Boar Bristles
Care Me Blow Dry Round Hair Brush with Natural Boar Bristles

Blow Dry Round Hair Brush with Natural Boar Bristles by Care Me

  1. Unlike other brushes that claim to be “pure boar brush” but actually mix of nylon bristles to reduce cost, our boar bristles are pure boar hairs to distribute natural hair sebum oils as a conditioner resulting in shiny smooth hair. Added nylon pins enhance the boar’s effectiveness by handling thick coarse hair. Made by Care Me
  2. Vented Ceramic Barrel and Core allows up to 50% more airflow from a blow dryer and evenly distributes the heat to make hair dry quickly and straighten out. Boar bristles lift hair at right roots and add shine & volume.
  3. A round brush is great for blow-outs. Bristles hold in moisture to reduce frizz & brittleness and to polish finish. Straightening, Curling, Blow-drying All Hair Types – Normal or Thick, Straight, Wavy or Curled Hair
  4. Added ball tips on Nylon Bristles are gentle to the scalp and do not pull or snag the hair. Nylon bristles feel hard but will turn into soft when blown by hair-dryer

Works great for styling with a hair dryer on low heat setting. Will handle all kinds of hair – curly, straight, or frizzy. Bristles reach the scalp, even if you have thick hair. Price is very good for a round boar and nylon brush.

Plastic handle. I am not a fan of plastic handles because they can break more easily than a solid wooden handle. No statement as to the ratio of boar bristles to nylon.

Blow-dry round brush with natural boar bristles nano ionic tech for professional salon blowouts

Boar brush Beauty by Earth

Boar and Bamboo Bristle Hair Brush – by Beauty by Earth

  1. Natural conditioning treatment to make your hair smooth, shiny, and looking it’s best. By Beauty by Earth
  2. When you brush your hair on a regular basis your hair becomes healthier and softer and you may no longer need to use leave-in conditioners or expensive, oily hair serums.
  3. Using a boar bristle brush won’t change your hair type, but it will simply make your hair more manageable and easier to style because it will deeply condition each strand of hair.
  4. Comes with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Leaves strands feeling extra soft and shiny. Nice option for those with long, thick hair. Brush design is relatively easy to clean.

Not really a detangling brush, there are better options out there. No statement as to the ratio of boar bristles to nylon.

Dovahlia Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set
Dovahlia Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set

Dovahlia Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set

Benefits and Features:

  1. Bristles are firm enough to reach your scalp
  2. Bristles are made of 100% boar’s hair
  3. Bristles distribute your hairs natural oils from roots to tips
  4. Regular brushing gives your hair a healthy natural shine just like mother nature intended
  5. Natural bamboo handle
  6. No rubber fumes
  7. No nylon fillers to scratch your scalp
  8. Included is  washable hemp travel bag, boar’s wooden brush and a wooden comb
  9. The detangling comb works as a wet brush detangling comb for use after bathing
  10. Once your hair dries, use your boar brush
  11. Perfect for men or women
  12. Made by Dovahlia. Made with high quality materials, Family business.

Features boar bristles and a nice bamboo handle. the brush works very well to distribute natural oils from roots to tips. And a plus comes with a comb and storage bag.

Although the bristles say they are on the firm side they really seem to be more on the softer side so what this means is if you have very thick course hair you will have to use some effort to get good penetration. I always prefer a brush on the stiffer side because I can always make the bristles a bit softer but If you get one with soft bristles there is no way to make them stiffer.

More about Dovahlia brushes

Bsisme Hair Brush-Boar Bristle Brush with Detangling Pins Wooden Paddle
Bisime boar and nylon brush

Bsisme Hair Brush – Boar Bristle Brush

Stated benefits:

  1. Paddle brush design
  2. The Bsisme brush glides through thin to thick hair and detangle knots with ease
  3. The boar bristles helps distributing natural oil evenly to prevent hair breakage, seal in split ends and reduce frizzy
  4. Daily use give you benefits like improved hair texture and healthier,smoother softer and shinier hair
  5. Natural oils are secreted everyday by your scalp and is the best and most effective natural conditioner
  6. Boar bristles are great for distributing oils because the scale and structure of boar bristles is very similar to human hair
  7. Mixed nylon and boar. The natural boar bristles easily removes dust, oil ,dandruff and dirt on the scalp. The nylon bristles help to glide through any hair type combing out tangles effortlessly
  8. Massages and stimulates your scalp safely, and promotes increased blood flow circulation that may help improve hair growth
  9. Comes with a hair brush cleaner

Wooden brush handle w/rectangular shape is easy to use and has sturdy design. Popular among people with long, thick hair. Packaging works well for storage or for gifting the brush.

I disagree with the statement that this brush can be used as a detangling brush, “glide through thin to thick hair and detangle knots with ease“. I firmly believe that there are NO boar brushes that are good at detangling hair. There are much better options. A boar brush should be used on detangled  and fully dry hair only!!!! Never use a boar brush on wet hair. Brush has odd odor out of box. That to me says something is not right with quality control and or the manufacturing process. Could have VOCs. Bristles tend to fall out. Ball tips fall off. There is no statement as to the ratio of nylon to boar bristles.

More information on the Bsisme boar brush


Amazing boar brush

Dovahlia Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Pros and Cons are at the time of this article thus the manufacturer could very well have corrected or improved the product since then. all prices are also at the time when this article was written and therefore could be priced differently. All brushes are available at the time of this writing online.