What Is An Instyler?

By now everyone surly has heard of most all the hair tools on the market today. Or at least know of most of the major brands and what they have available. These are all great tools that allow you to style your hair providing you with the style to fit your occasion. Just like makeup or a dress your hair style also is a vital part of your image. You definitely do not want to look outdated. But with the help of the Instyler you can create your gorgeous hair style with ease.

The Instyler is a styling tool used to straighten, polish and style hair. The secret of the Instyler lies in its rotating heated polishing cylinder, and four rows of precision aligned bristles. The InStyler polishes your hair while you brush by the ceramic coated rotating barrel.

The Instyler rotating brush includes a heated rotating cylinder and four brush bristles. Each hair strand is individually polished by this new rotating design. I am not too sure about the polishing part. The rotating head rubs against the hair strands and thus polishes each strand.

It’s neither a brush nor a flat iron, but more of a rotating hot iron that helps you to quickly style and straighten hair. This Instyler secret is in its heated rotating cylinder and it’s four rows of precision aligned bristles. It has three settings of temperature that can be adjusted as necessary. According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “A good rule of thumb is to start with the lowest setting first.

What is an InStyler and what it isn’t

According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “The big difference is that a flat iron is going to flatten your hair by pressing it against a heat source. The heat source is usually two plates that can get very hot“. Your hair is then baked into place. This process subjects your hair to direct very hot heat which in some cases can damage your hair. The big advantage with the Instyler is that is uses a rotating head that heats up. Although it uses heat your hair is not pressed by tow flat irons and subjected to high heat. The rotating head is constantly moving so in theory it does the same job but better and faster and with less stress to your hair. The heated rotating barrel spins at more than 100 revolutions per minute is the secret on hoe this tool really works. In addition the Instyler is also great for adding curls in addition to straightening your hair. Also you can do flips and waves. This is something a flat iron can never do.

How does an Instyler work

What Is An Instyler

Like mentioned above the basic design and secret of an Instyler is in the rotating head. It contains a rotating heated cylinder with multiple heat options and setting for different types of hair. MAX PRIME Blowout Revolving Styler offers the added advantage of 2-way barrel rotation and up to 4 heat settings up to 425F for maximum control. For example thin, medium and thick hair styling is no problem. The heated rotating cylinder smooth and flattens hair. There is two rows of bristles that work to separate the hair strands while the cylinder head does the straightening. The rotating cylinder head uses mush less heat to do the job therefore is better for your hair.

Instyler uses

The Instyler is a very versatile hair styling tool. The rotating head gives a full body look to your hair. It also proved lift with a more bouncy feel. It of course does a great job at straightening hair. I guess the biggest benefit is that it can do all this in a shorter period of time. Which if you are pressed for time is a good thing. Who isn’t press for time in the mornings, right? Most people who use an Instyler are able to add incredible volume to their hair. The manufacture write-up also say it creates shine. I am not sure about that one or how that is possible. I’ll just have to take their word for that. In most cases the results created by using an Instyler lasts all day long. The Instyler has two different barrel lengths. The smaller one is typically used to curl or straighten shorter hair. The longer one is typically used to curl, straighten and give volume to longer hair.

How to add volume using the Instyler

The best way to achieve maximum hair volume is to start with clean dry hair. Brush your hair first to remove any tangles and then if you have long hair section your hair into 1-2 inch pieces. Then make sure to always start with the under layers first.

What is an Instyler conclusion and wrap-up

The techniques for styling both long hair and short hair are basically the same except with shorter hair sectioning is not needed. For styling bangs you would make sure the brush is worked away from your face. You do not want any of the heat to be directed at your face.

The Instyler is great for thinning hair because it can add a lot of volume. Just use the same technique as described above and use a touch of spray to hold in place if needed.

The Instyler has become a popular tool for hair styling. Now days it’s the go-to tool for straightening hair. It can be used on curly wavy, straight, fine or coarse hair of all types. It’s extremely versatile and worth spending money on to get your style quicker and easier than other traditional tools.

Position the brush so the rotating barrel side is closest to your roots. The barrel is placed underneath the sectioned hair. Then it’s just a matter of closing the clamp to activate the barrel rotation and then slowly work the brush down to your hair ends. We love everything about the brush. We recommend always start with dry hair. Blow dry your hair first using a comb or vent brush as usual. Then finish off with the roller to get your preferred style.

To straighten my hair, I need a lot of heat. The InStyler will get hot enough

We have heard this question asked a lot, and you can add it to the old column of “myths of hair styling” You don’t need much heat to straighten and style your hair with the InStyler. The unique design of the InStyler allows you to use less heat than usual and still get better results than with a flat iron or other hot tool. It’s a completely new way to think about your hair and heat. To get the results you want, you don’t need extreme heat. The InStyler has three different temperature settings if you decide you want more heat.