What Does Cruelty Free Really Mean?

Most folks care about animals and like me have noticed the term “cruelty free” being used a lot.

It’s on packaging and online product descriptions but what does that term really mean?

What is cruelty free?

According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “Cruelty free really means that the product or activities did not harm or kill animals anywhere in the world.

So for example, if a product was tested on animals then it is NOT considered cruelty free due to most of these tests cause harm and or suffering and even death to the animals.

Who first used cruelty free?

Did you know that Lady Dowding in 1959 convinced manufactures of fake furs to use the label Beauty Without Cruelty.

Lady Dowding was a Baroness and well known English animal rights activist from 1903 to 1993. She founded Beauty Without Cruelty an animal charity in South Africa in 1975.

During her lifetime she went on to be officially recognized for her work and won several awards from the Royal Society for the prevention to Cruelly to animals.

Animal testing required by law

Did you know that in some parts of the world testing on animals is the law. In order to sell in some countries their law states products must be tested on animals.

To search for a company just click this link: Cruelty Free Search and enter a company name.

Image courtesy of pexels.com

Therefore their are companies that will pay for testing so they can sell in those countries. PETA has a list of companies that pledge not to test on animals.