What Is The Wet Brush Shine Enhancer?

What Is The Wet Brush Shine Enhancer?
What Is The Wet Brush Shine Enhancer?

Wet brushes or detangling brushes are brushes having flexible bristles. Wet brushes glide through hair without pulling. The flexible bristles make your detangling job easier. I recommend you continue reading to see my recommendations for other wet brushes similar to the wet brush shine enhancer brush.

More About What is a Wet Brush Shine Enhancer And What It Is

“WET BRUSH SHINE ENHANCER BRUSH”: The “WET BRUSH SHINE ENHANCER BRUSH” detangles hair and creates a natural shine. The “WET BRUSH SHINE ENHANCER BRUSH” detangles with less force and damage than a regular brush. What makes the “WET BRUSH SHINE ENHANCER BRUSH” so special is the combination of boar bristles and Intelligent flex bristles.

The The Wet Brush Shine Enhancer detangling brush is a natural boar bristle brush with a second set of IntelliFlex bristles. The boar bristles brings out your hair’s natural shine. Natural boar bristles distribute natural oils, leaving hair shiny, smooth and enhanced. And the exclusive, ultra-soft IntelliFlex bristles glide through tangles with ease. Minimizes pain and protects against split ends and breakage.


Brush DescriptionRecommendation And Use
Crave Naturals GlideUnique cone shaped plastic bristles work to separate the hair sideways instead of down, gently unraveling even the toughest tangles.
Wet Brush OriginalWet brush the original detangler revolutionary bristles glides through tangles without breakage or pain. Perfect for long or short hair, curly or straight, thick or fine hair. Works on hair extensions too. IntelliFlex Bristles Glide Through Tangles with 19% Less Damage and 56% Less Force (According to Wet Brush) and it also
works wonders on all hair types.
WET BRUSH SHINE ENHANCER BRUSH#1 Choice. Detangles hair and brings natural shine, distributes hair natural oil and prevents split ends.
Wet Brush Pro PaddleThe wet brush can be used on wet or dry hair and works on extensions and wigs. The paddle brush features 20% larger surface area for maximum efficiency compared to the classic oval detangler.
Wet Brush ProGlides through tangles with less effort, pain and breakage with an easy-grip rubberized handle.
Calista Smoothie BrushHelps to untangle wet hair with ease and spread hair products evenly through hair. Use the Smoothie Brush in the shower to massage and stimulate the scalp to promote fuller hair growth.
R+Co Detangling BrushGlides through knots, without the pain. Works on wet or dry hair. One of my favorites!
Elchim Extra Soft Brush for Detangling with Wood PinsRound, wooden pins gently detangle and massage the scalp to improve circulation, add softness, and reduce static. Brush through wet or dry hair to detangle thin, curly or coarse strands.
WEN Paddle & Sculpting Brush Duo
Soft touch ergonomic, comfort grip handle to assist in easy styling when used while blow drying. Nylon pins gently massage the scalp with each stroke and easily glide through the hair. The Paddle Brush is perfect for wrap blow-drying and smoothing the hair shaft, and the Sculpting Brush helps to provide lift and bounce in the root area.
Mason Pearson Detangler Hair BrushFor brushing before and after shampooing for all hair types.

The WET BRUSH SHINE ENHANCER BRUSH is an excellent brush and a great value for the price. The WET BRUSH SHINE ENHANCER BRUSH costs less than a bottle of conditioner. This article explains why the WET BRUSH SHINE ENHANCER BRUSH differs from other Wet brushes and how the WET BRUSH SHINE ENHANCER BRUSH protects against hair breakage and split ends.

According to Ash Salon in Lafayette, CA, “The benefits of hair brushing are:

  •  Brushing distributes natural oils to lubricate your scalp and hair, resulting in healthy, shiny hair.
  •  Removes loose hair
  •  Brushing stimulates the capillaries, increasing circulation.
  •  Daily brushing revs up hormone and oil producing glands, which keep the pores of your scalp (and hair) open, allowing them to breathe and retain their natural oils.

For less than $10.00 this brush gives you two sets of bristles. “The first set of bristles are natural boar bristles. The boar bristles will distribute your natural hair oil all along your hair shaft leaving your hair silky, shiny and smooth. The second set of bristles are ultra-soft IntelliFlex bristles which detangle hair“, according to our in-house hair care product analyst, Meesh.

Every brush stroke gently detangles your hair and after making several passes your hair is fully detanled. The benefit to you is it’s all done with no pain and no pulling on your hair. No hair breakage means your hair is healthy and no split-ends due to breakage.  It’s also the perfect brush for use with dry shampoo. Versatility has never been so good.

The Wet Brush Shine Enhancer is made of 100% Natural Boar (not nylon bristels) and exclusive IntelliFlex bristles which are only made for Wet brushes. Stacey our in-house hair research analyst, “It gently detangles hair as it spreads the natural oil of your hair, creating a vibrant lust and shine so you get the best of both worlds a shine enhancer and a detangler all in one brush.


There are certain hair types that might want to consider another alternative for detangling. Now that’s not to say the Wet Wet Brush Shine Enhancer doesn’t work, it does but there is in my opinion there is a faster way to detangle and spread hair care product in you hair.

Your primary goal needs to be to gently detangle your hair and may be spread hair care product throughout your hair and you have thick curly natural hair. In this case I would suggest using a Denman 9 row brush.

The bristles are stiffer giving you more penetration for your thick curly hair. You are going to be done much faster using the Denman 9 row brush in this case. However you may loose a little more hair due to the bristles on the Denman are not a forgiving as the Wet Bush Shine Enhancer. Now the Wet Bush Shine Enhancer will do the job but you are going to have to make many passes or brush strokes to get your hair detangled.

With the Denman 9 row you will not need as many brush strokes but you have to be real careful as not to pull too hard on your hair. This is where a good conditioner comes in handy allowing the Denman brush to easy glide through your hair.

So the bottom line is the Wet Bush Shine Enhancer is highly recommended but if you have thick natural curly hair then you should also have a Denman 9 row brush. That’s why in the Cons section below it’s a con that the brush is not for all hair types. Or, may be should be stated under certain conditions another option may be better. For folks who have thick curly hair having a hair brush with maximum penetration is key.


The Wet Brush Shine Enhancer Hair Brush features natural boar bristles that distribute natural oils, leaving hair shiny and smooth.


Ultra-soft IntelliFlex bristles glide through tangles with ease. Minimizes pain and protects against split ends and breakage. Ideal for use with dry shampoo.


10.5″L x 2.75″W x 1.5″D


PriceBristles may be too flexible
Natural boar bristlesNot for all hair types
Ultra-soft IntelliFlex bristlesDoesn’t add more shine than a regular brush
Perfect for men, women and kidsBristles may not be long enough for all hair types
Can use with dry shampoo
Leaves hair shiny and smooth
Gently detangles
Comes in cool colors

Wet Brush Hair Brush Mini Shine Enhancer

In addition to the regular sized Wet Brush Shine Enhancer there is a mini version that is perfect for travel due ti it’s smaller size. It’s size is 8.86 inches tall and 2.48 inches wide as compared to the larger 10.8 inch by 2.80 inch brush. You might think that due to it’s smaller size the brush is hard to handle but that is far from the truth. The mini has a great handle and feels good while brushing in all directions. And if you are a guy and have a beard, this is the perfect beard brush!! It has the same features as the full sized version. You get two types of bristles on the brush including the ultra-soft InteliFlex bristles and of course 100% natural boar bristles too leaving hair shiny and smooth. You get the best of both worlds with the two types of bristles. the mini can also be used with dry shampoo and other hair care products. And just like it’s bigger brother is comes in many different cool colors so you will always know which one is yours!


Start by mixing the water, the shampoo and the soda in the bowl. Place the brushes in the bowl and let them soak for 20 minutes or so. Then use your toothbrush to scrub the base and the bristles for a couple of minutes to cut through any remaining gunk. In addition to mixing water and shampoo you can also use a little baking soda. Start by mixing water and baking soda in a bowl just like you did with the shampoo and let the brush soak for several minutes. After which using you toothbrush scrub the base and bristles. Sometimes it’s a bit easier to use baking soda to cut through all the hair care product that has built up on your brush over time.

The key, is to clean your brush on a regular basis that way when you do clean it’s much easier because you are not battling hair care product and dirt that has had time to form a strong bond to the bristles. If you have a really bad brush you may just want to consider purchasing a new one and starting over this time cleaning it on a regular basis. I have had brushes where they were not cleaned on a regular basis and it took a long time to get clean. It would have been much easier to just buy a new one and start over. the reason I mention this is because this is an inexpensive brush. We are not talking about a two hundred dollar plus Mason Pearson brush. For less than $10.00 you can have a new Wet Brush Shine Enhancer.

The Wet Brush Shine Enhancer in Purple
The Wet Brush Shine Enhancer in Black
The Wet Brush Shine Enhancer in Pink
The Wet Brush Shine Enhancer in Orange

The Wet Brush Detangle Brush is gentle in brushing as it detangles. It’s extremely gentle and effective in the prevention of hair loss and breakage. Works great on wet or dry hair.

Wet Brush may be my absolute favorite every-day beauty tool to date. It really transformed my hair care routine, especially after showering. As someone with thick and wavy hair, detangling can be a nightmare, but not with these! In this video, I’m sharing my Wet Brush collection and how I use each one in my routine.


I’m a hairdresser, and I love these wet brushes. A lot of people have the same complaint that they don’t’ get through’ all their hair, but that’s not the point of these brushes, they’re supposed to be very gentle and take a little more time to brush to avoid breakage and tearing their hair out. This one has boar bristles that re-distribute natural oils back to the ends of the scalp, as I wash mine every other day that’s perfect for that. Great price as well! You can’t find that brand even at a beauty store.

I’ve been using this brush for a while now as a “regular” brush to detangle and what’s wrong, but this weekend, I discovered that it works great for blow drying. I have wavy / curly hair that I normally dry with a round brush, and sometimes I use flat iron. Using this brush to dry my hair, it produced the same results as drying+flat iron, but in half the time.

This brush is my favorite ever! It removes tangles with no pain most of the time and makes my hair a little more shiny, but nothing drastic. The light is beautiful too! My only concern is, well, the fuzzies, I suppose from my towel?Get caught a fiery thing in the bristles. After every use, I need to clean it, but I’m just too lazy to do that. I’m probably going to try the regular version and see if it’s any better.

I couldn’t get my 8-year-old daughter to brush her hair. She had to chase her around the house and pin her down screaming-no fun. I ordered this set on a whim because she likes the pink color and I picked the blue color for me to use as a pocket brush. She loves the brush. Not only because of color, but because it’s easy to use with wet or damp hair, it doesn’t pull, hurt or damage your hair. It’s great on dry hair, too, and adds shine probably because of the two kinds of bristles it has. Great deal, worth every penny.”

This is the brush of all the brushes! It doesn’t just make your hair shine and look gorgeous, it doesn’t hurt your hair like my other brushes do. Brushing my hair used to be a huge pain, always pulling tons of hair out of my brush. It hurt like the H percent of #&! This brush really saved my life. I totally understand why the salons love the brush! It’s great if you want some beach curls without taking all the curl out. I love how the bristles and the hard ones are. Also, if you have a little (like me) who hates their hair done, you’ll be amazed at how great this brush is. My daughter never cries that her hair is a breeze! It used to be so hard to make her hair.”

I have a regular wet brush that I love, but I can’t use it when my hair is dry because it’s going to frizz up my hair. I’m so glad that they did this! Get the knots out and make my hair shiny without getting frizzy!

This brush is awesome!! I love the Wet Brush line in general, but this format is a game change. It gives you the smooth, no tangle / pulling experience of the original Wet Brush, with the added softening and polishing of the boar brush!! It’s brilliant!! And the color combo on this particular brush is amazing and brightly colored! I love it!

I recently tried this hairbrush at a friend’s house, and I was instantly hooked, so I got one for myself. I wash my hair every other day, and on my days off, this brush does a phenomenal job of pulling any grease down from the roots to the ends of my hair, so I can use a much less dry shampoo than I was before, and the rest of my hair is sleek and shiny instead of frizzy.”