What Can You Do With Old Hair Straighteners?

We live in a world of disposable products, right? Once it stops working, just throw it in the trash and purchase a new one. Because of the rapid rate at which we consume electrical items like hair straighteners and the constant introduction of innovative new technologies, repairing electronic devices such as straighteners is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Why go to the trouble of paying to get it fixed when you can just upgrade to the newest model instead? Technology of ever improving hair straighteners makes fixing a thing of the past and much easier to just get a new pair.

Here are the options I found to date you can do with your old hair straightener.

1 Donate to Goodwill

This would be my first choice if my hair straightener was in good condition. And the reason is someone else could make use of it. Its life would be extended.

Goodwill will take your hair straightener, but it should be in good working condition and preferably in a gently used condition. It should be clean, safe and resealable. The last thing you want to do is donate a straightener that damaged hair, right? Another problem to watch out for is the temperature setting. If your straightener does not show the correct temperature, then please don’t donate it. the last you you want is for your donated item to cause damage, right?

2 Donate to a Church

Again, many of the same apply for donating to a Church as it does for donating to Goodwill. It should be in good operating condition, and the preferred state is one in which it has been lightly used. It needs to be sanitized and resealable. A good way to clean is to use a damp cloth and give it a good rub down. However, a bit of bad news, if you were a heavy user of Argan oil and also used a high heat setting like 450 degrees (on natural texture hair) then a damp cloth might get remove all the residue. In this case I would send it in to InStyler or Cloud Nine.

If your hair straightener is broken and in need of repair, Churches will not accept it. This is because of many Churches have thrift stores. So the items you donate most likely will end up in their store.

3 Donate to a Thrift Shop

Contributing to a thrift shop is similar in many ways to donating to Goodwill. It’s ideal if it has seen just little use, but even moderate wear and tear won’t affect its functionality. It must be disinfected for reuse. A good rule of thumb is ask yourself if you would buy it.

4 Donate to Salvation Army

It would be great if your hair straightener had only seen a little amount of use, and little to no amounts of wear and tear. Before it can be used again, it has to be cleaned. And as mentioned above, asking yourself if you would buy anything is a solid rule.

5 Send to Cloud Nine | How To Dispose Of Straighteners In The UK

Now here is where thing get interesting and great. If you live in Europe, more specifically the UK, just send your old hair straightener to Cloud Nine.

What Hair Tools Can Be Recycled?

Send whatever brand you have. Send it in whatever condition, even if it does not work anymore. Cloud Nine will recycle old hair straighteners, curling wands and even hair dryers. How cool is that?

How do You Send In your Old Hair Straightener?

All you do is fill out an online form and download a pre-paid postage label. Wait, did I say pre-paid? Yes, they pay the shipping cost, nice!

You place the old hair straightener in your packaging and drop off at the nearest post office. That is it!

They will recycle any hair dryers, curling wands and tongs, straightening irons, and other hair styling tools, regardless of the brand or store from which they were acquired.

Anyone over the age of 18 who is a resident of the UK is eligible to use their recycling service. This service is not provided to any business, partnership, or firm by our organization.

How To Track Your Old Hair Straightener Once Sent In?

Using Royal Mail, you will be able to monitor the progress of your return as it makes its way to Cloud Nine. Because of the high amount of returns received at their recycling center, they will not be able to inform you of the recycling status of your particular item until it has been returned to them and has been processed.

How Is Your Old Hair Straightener Recycled?

When they get your old hair styling tool at their recycling center, it will either be reused, repurposed, or recycled after that. One of those options is likely to happen. Your used styling tool will be collected by the waste management partners of CLOUD NINE from the recycling hub located at their headquarters. After that, they are brought back to a facility, where each item undergoes individual decontamination by hand.

Before the goods are shredded, any and all components that may be recycled are first removed and put into separate piles. After that, the components are dismantled until they are reduced to their primary components and then shipped out to be melted. They will restore it, issue it with a new manufacturer’s guarantee, and offer the tool to a new home at a discounted price if you turn in a pre-loved CLOUD NINE product that isn’t at its End of Life. If you do this, they will buy the product back from you.

See the link below in References for the online form to start the recycle process with Cloud Nine.

6 Send to InStyler

And if you live in the USA, then guess what? You are in luck too as InStyler will recycle your old hair straightener.

What Conditions Must Your Old Straightener Meet To Be Recycled?

If the following conditions are met, their Recycle Program will consider your old tool to be recyclable:

  • The device is electrical and may be powered by either a battery or a 110V connection
  • The device was created to either style or dry your hair

InStyler is finally in a position to fully recycle any of your outdated, unused, or broken hair styling equipment, which is a major step toward achieving our long-term objective of being a company that recycles all of its products. All of the tool will be recycled by us on your behalf.

How To Recycle Your Old Straightener with InStyler?

Just mail them any of your unused or outdated hair styling items, regardless of whether or not they are functional. Even tools from other brands might be brought in for consideration. They are willing to take products such as dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and hot rollers. Some examples are Revlon, Conair, Hot Tools, Beachwaver, and Harry Josh, among others.

What Do You Get In Return For Sending In your Old Hair Straightener?

And here is the best part and why I love InStyler (they make high-quality products). In addition, as a gesture of gratitude for your contribution, after your tools have been received, you will receive an email with a code for good for 35% off your subsequent purchase of an InStyler tool from the website InStyler.com. some restrictions apply so you will have to read the fine print at the bottom of their web page. I’ll throw in the link to how to start the process, as you will need to complete an online form.

7 Facebook or Twitter

You might try donating online yourself. Give a shout out to your followers on Twitter or Facebook. You can also try the Facebook market place.

8 Garbage Can

And sadly, you can throw it in the ole garbage can and contribute to the landfill. Not the best idea, but…


In an effort to help save our environment, I hope this article was helpful. I think the best way to get rid of your old hair straightener is to donate it provided it’s still good. Unfortunately in many situations this is just not the case. So the next best thing is to give to InStyler or Cloud Nine depending on where you live. And of course the last option is the trash can.

Definitions And Information

Ceramic Style Hair Straightener – Ceramic plates is infrared technology, which helps to balance the heat between the plates. The balance of heat between the plates will assist you in achieving a straight style that will last for days after it has been applied.

Hair Straightener With Titanium Plates – Titanium plates are noticeably much lighter than ceramic plates, which might give the impression that more passes are necessary to attain the desired level of straightening. Titanium, on the other hand, may be a speedier and more effective alternative if it is used appropriately. This is especially true if you look for a straightener that has a heat sensor to keep it from overheating.


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