What Is A Negative Ion Straightener Brush?

The negative ion straightener brush has been in vogue since about 2008. That’s when the ion technology really started to hit the market big time. They claim ion brushes to be healthy for your hair by making you hair chemically in balance. So what is this technology why is it so special?

Negative Ion Straightener Brush: A Negative Ion Straightener Brush emits negative ions, they interact and neutralize each other. As a result, you get a wonderfully smooth and healthy hair that is chemically balanced.

In the ever evolving world of hair styling, ion technology applies our vast knowledge of physics to hair. Hair strands are positively charged so their atoms have lost some electrons.

Sounds too good to be true but the big question is does it really work? So, if you have not had a chemistry class in a while, like me, you may also wonder what it all means and whether it’s worth the money. Well keep reading to be enlightened.

What A Negative Ion Straightener Brush Does

An ion is an atom or molecule that has lost or gained one or more electrons following interaction with
another particle that is positively or negatively charged. This occurs in an in what is called the ionization process and results in a free electron being knocked off an atom or molecule with a negative charge. So what doe this have to do with your frizzed out hair?

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “Free electrons or negative ions break up water molecules in ionic hair straightener brushes so that, according to manufacturers, your hair can then dry more quickly.” Some of the water particles are also left behind thus leaving your hair more hydrated and less likely to tangle and frizz. This ion technology restores the balance of moisture, which is particularly effective if happen to have dry hair. Ionic straighteners used water molecules contained in the hair and break them into fine particles with a high level of heat to re-hydrate your hair.

The ionizing function prevents over-drying and improves the strength of your hair. It also helps to keep your hairstyle in place for a longer period of time. So if your hair style usually needs a touch up frequently you may be able to go for a longer period of time between touch ups.

According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “Although the manufacturers promise after using an ionic straightener your hair will become smoother, smoother and stronger, that may not be the case if you hair is already damaged.” What is boils down to is what condition your hair is in the first place. If you have split ends then this technology may help somewhat but it’s not going to perform miracles and cure your split ends. in this case your hair is going to need a treatment for real help. The technology will make your hair stronger and more shinny but the big question is by how much.

Advice For The Use And Cleaning Of Your Hairbrush Ion Straightener


After you have purchased your new brush you are going to want to take care of it and also get the most out of your new styling tool. So to help you get started I created this quick and easy list of best advice for caring and use. So let’s get started having the glossy, straight hair you have always wanted and let’s keep it that way by first reading my helpful advice.

Advice #1: Use A Heat Protection Spray

Even state-of-the-art heating devices can cause some hair damage over time. In order to avoid this, spray your hair before styling with a little heat protective spray. You will be happy to have precious strands!

Advice #2: Less Can Be Much More

Unlike traditional flat irons or blow dryers, which require repetitive styling over the same section of hair, hairbrush straighteners typically do the job in a swipe or two. Before you start brushing your hair to forget, take it slowly and see what a single pass can do to avoid unnecessary heat damage.

Advice #3: Give Your Hair and Head a Breather

As you already know by know, hairbrush straighteners typically contain anti-heat damage technology and yes, sometimes they can even be good for your hair; that said, give your hair a rest and try to incorporate at least one non-styling day a week, if possible. This break allows the natural oils of your hair to build up and shape your strands from the root down, which can strengthen your hair and restore shine!

Advice #4: Keep it Clean

Like any styling tool, your new hairbrush straightener accumulates dust, oil and loose hair over time. Make a point of cleaning your hairbrush straightener at least once a week when it is turned off and cool to prolong its life.

Advice  #5: Store in a Safe Place

Store your hairbrush straightener away from the water in a cool place, such as a bathroom cabinet or a linen closet.

Advice  #6: Practice Does Makes Perfect

Just like most thing in life it will take some practice to get proficient and styling your hair. Make sure to go slowly at first and practice. So in no time at all you will have mastered the techniques and the use of the tool. I believe using the straightener brush is much easier than some other methods but to each their own. I believe you will be able to achieve perfection in no time at all.

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