How To Use A Boar Bristle Brush

When you buy a boar brush or if you just purchased a new hairbrush you want to make sure you get the most out of your brush. You want the biggest bang for your buck, right? Let’s discuss how best to use a boar bristle brush.

Start with a correctly sized boar bristle brush. Always brush dry hair. Never use a boar brush on wet hair. First, detangle your hair using a detangle brush or wide-toothed comb. Work in sections by bending over, starting at the roots, and brush downward toward the tips. The last step is to stand up and brush your hairline using the same method. Choose a bristle density and firmness for your hair type. 

Refer to the Ed Shears hairbrush classification system to help you choose the correct boar bristle brush.

What Is A Boar Bristle Brush And How Do I Use It?

  1. Brush dry hair
  2. Brush in sections
  3. Brush your hairline
  4. Use the right size Brush
  5. Detangle your hair before Brushing
  6. Always start at the scalp or roots and Brush toward the tips
  7. Choose a bristle density and firmness for your hair type

1. Start with the right sized hairbrush

Hair Length Size Hairbrush
Pixie1 Inch RoundOlivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Round Thermal Bamboo
2 inches to Chin1.375 or 1.3/8 Inch RoundOlivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Round Thermal
Chin to Chest1.75 inch RoundOlivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Round Thermal Bamboo
Chest & Longer2 Inches RoundOlivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Round Thermal Bamboo
General Brushing9 to 10 inches OvalSpornette DeVille Cushion Oval Boar Brush #342

Hairbrushes comes in many different sizes and types. Some are better for styling than others. I did the research and took all the guess-work out. Refer to the brushes above and choose the right size for you based on your hair length.

How to use a boar bristle brush
How to use a boar bristle brush the right way

2. Always brush dry hair

Always brush dry hair

According to Stacey, our hair expert resident, “You never want to brush wet hair due to wet hair is at it’s weakest point. A boar bristle brush will grab your hair and stretch it to the point where it will snap thus causing split ends.” Always brush dry hair because this is when you hair is at it’s strongest therefore you minimize breakage and split ends.

3. Detangle your hair before brushing

Favorite Detangling Products

Detanglers Recommendations
Oribe Run-Through Detangling PrimerI like Oribe because it’s a lightweight conditioning detangler and primes hair for immediate glide-through combing, leaving strands silky soft and incredibly touchable. Great for long hair.
R+Co X Gryph + IvyRose Get-A-Grip Detangling SprayI love herbal blends and this is no exception. R+Co features a proprietary herbal blend for naturally tangle free hair.
R+Co Detangling BrushI like the way it glides through knots, without the pain. Nice high quality detangler brush.

Detangle your hair first. Use a wide tooth comb or a detangle brush first to remove tangles. This will allow your hairbrush to easily brush through your hair.” according to Meesh. By detangling first you are saving a lot of pulling and tugging. Knots and tangles are more easily removed by using a wide toothed comb or Wet brush than a round styling brush.

4. Always brush in sections

Always brush in sections

Start by bending over and brush the back of your hair first. Afterward stand up and brush your hairline. Working in sections makes it much easier. Start by sectioning off your hair and clipping the hair you will not be brushing or just make sure it’s not in the way. Make your sections no wider than the length of your hairbrush to minimize getting the hairbrush stuck in your hair.

5. Always start at the scalp or roots and brush toward the tips

Always start at the scalp or roots and brush toward the tips

This action takes the natural oils from the roots and distributes them all along the hair shaft. A high quality boar bristle brush is one of the best styling tools to add shine and help condition your hair naturally. By regular brushing you may even fine you need less hair product. just make sure not to over brush.

6. Brush your hairline

Brush your hairline

It’s important to brush your hairline. Natural oils from your scalp tend to build up and be more concentrated along the hairline. By brushing your hairline you are distributing oils all along the hair shaft. This give you that shiny look all over. You may fine this action might extend your shampooing. You may not need to shampoo as frequently.

7. Choose a bristle density and firmness for your hair type

Choose a bristle density and firmness for your hair type

Every hairbrush as a specific purpose. Some hairbrushes are much better at doing certain things than other hairbrushes. For example, a paddle bush is going to be 25% faster at brushing long hair than an oval brush. If you have thick hair then chances are you will do better with a firmer bristle. I you have thin hair and a tender scalp, then a soft bristle will be more comfortable. Choose the right brush for the job.

Benefits of a Boar Bristle Brush

Conditions HairY
Helps Hair GrowY
Polishes Hair-shaftY
Creates a Natural ShineY
Less StaticY
Head MassageY
Animal FriendlyYY
Sustainable ProductYY
Good for Blow-OutsYY
Maximum PenetrationYY
Use on wet hairY
Detangle before useY
Brush very curly hair gentlyY
Brush nightly before bedYYy
Brush in the morningYYY

The main reason why you purchased a boar brush or about to buy one is you have heard that you can have really healthy hair by brushing with a boar brush, right? And you can also cut back or maybe even possible eliminate hair care products by brushing. The idea is to use your own natural oils from your hair as a natural conditioner thus eliminating the need for expensive hair care products. Just think of all the products you will purchase this year. All the cans and bottles of conditioner and special treatments at $15 to $20 per container. It all adds up over time. Spend $50 or more on a good high quality boar brush from a well known manufacture and you might be able to save some money in the long run. Now that is something to think about! Read my article on the best boar bristles brushes.

My Favorite Spornette Brushes: Boar, Boar And Nylon

Spornette’s 100% Boar brush has the added benefit of allowing your hair to become more acclimated to the boar bristles over time, allowing your sebaceous glands to gradually become more balanced. As a result of the stimulation of the glands, they are able to breathe while maintaining their natural oils. Boar bristles creates healthier and shinier hair.

A sebaceous gland that is either hyperactive or under-active is frequently to blame for hair loss. The overproduction or underproduction of sebum can result in the weakening and undernourishment of the scalp’s natural defenses.

Spornette DeVille Cushion Oval Boar Bristle Hair Brush (#342)Favorite Spornette brushes for general brushing and light styling.
Spornette Ion Fusion Boar and Nylon Cushion Oval Brush #174This is a boar and nylon combination brush. The brush helps with frizz due to the tourmaline bristles. The nylon bristles are a little longer. The one piece plastic handle feels good in your hand.

For Guys Who Use A Boar Brush On Beards – Do This

Hey if you are a guy ans regular use a board bristle brush on your beard here is a great tip. To make brushing mush easier and pain less try applying beard oil or beard balm before you brush. Wow, what a difference this makes. The boar bristle brush will gently glide through your beard hair much easier.

Read my other article on are boar bristles brushes really good for more information you will not want to miss out on. . With all that being said don’t expect miracles. Just because you are now using a boar brush don’t think you hair is now suddenly going to have such a healthy glow your neighbors will be asking you what you did. It takes time and if your hair is already damaged then there is no boar brush on the planet going to help fix split-ends. The best way to have healthy hair is to keep reading good articles on hair care and use common since. Read my next article on what is a boar brush used for.

Click here to find out know how to clean your boar brush.

Brushes With Boar Bristles Provide A Number Of Advantages

Some of the biggest advantages of a boar brush is that it doesn’t harm your hair when brushing. The brush doesn’t break your hair, it doesn’t promote splits and breaks. Now on the other hand it will not magically mend your broken hair either. The natural boar bristles gently massage your scalp to improve blood flow, promote hair growth and help your hair grow thicker and longer.

Did you know that boar bristles is an outstanding hair brush natural material that has been used for centuries in various cultures across the globe. This type of brush has a range of qualities that when used by brushing makes your hair clean, look great. Boar brushes do amazing things to your hair that no shampoo or other products can accomplish.

Here are some benefits you should know. Boar bristles spreads your scalp’s natural oils. Your natural oils are called sebum. Sebum is your hair’s natural way of conditioning your hair and adding shine. Also by brushing your hair does not get dirty or greasy. As you well know the brushing action removes dirt and spreads the sebum from the roots to the tips of your hair. The brushing action provides the necessary condition treatment for your hair naturally. This gives hair strength, suppleness, and of course a nice healthy shine that last all day.

Although some folks use boar bristle brushes to detangle hair, there are much better options. I do not recommend using a boar brush to detangle your hair. And I do not recommend using a boar brush on wet hair. Use a boar brush on dry hair only.

Many high quality boar brushes are hand made or mostly hand made. For these brushes attention to detail and quality is important. A good high quality boar brush with proper care can last a lifetime. So my advise is don’t be afraid to spend some money on a good one. in the end you will have wish you did.

  1. Naturally condition your hair. The natural oils from your scalp ensures your hair stays protected.
  2. By brushing you are actually cleaning your hair by removing debris.
  3. By brushing you are also detangling your hair.
  4. Brushing also stimulates blood flow in your scalp ans thus in return helps hair grow and be healthy.
  5. Brushing conditions your hair so that your hair will be less frizzy.
  6. By frequent brushing you may fine yourself not needing to shampoo as much. You might not need to use as much shampoo or shampoo less frequently.

How Boar Bristles Are Acquired

As you well know boar is often used as a food source and typically their fur is discard. The food processor does not use the fur or hair. However there are many brush manufactures that link up with food processors and obtain the fur. So instead of throwing away the fur it’s made into boar bristle brushes.

In addition, boar is often hunted and their fur is thrown away. Again in there are boar brush manufactures that will accept the fur and use it instead of it being discarded. It’s important note that most boar brush manufactures do not hunt boar just to make brushes. And in most cases boar is hunted to keep populations under control and keep agriculture at sustainable levels.

What Are Boar Bristles

Boar bristles closely resemble human hair. Did you know that boar bristles and human hair are made up of a protein called keratin. Human hair and boar hair are not totally smooth. They are actually like shingles on a roof. Each hair has an outer shell of cuticles that overlap each other. It’s these cuticles that grab the natural oils from the root of your hair and spread them to the tips where needed every time you brush. This action is what makes your hair shiny and softer. You can use a nylon brush but nylon is smooth and does not have the same ability to spread your natural oils like a boar bristles do.

What Others Are Saying About Boar Brushes

“I just started using boar hair brushes a few times in my life, and so far I like it. The bristles can remove oils from my scalp so that it helps to condition my hair when brushing.”

“I purchased this because the 100% boar bristle was supposed to be perfect for thin hair. It feels good and smooth on my head while using” 

“I love using this, particularly on second or third day hair, where it’s a bit greasy. If I brush from the roots to the end of this and then fluff my hair afterwards, it disperses the oils and makes them look new and clean.”

“It’s so great to feel like you’re not pulling your hair when you’re brushing it! Those plastic, ball-tipped brushes on the market all over the country, just rip my hair out of my head!”

“This is my first boar bristle brush. I have waist long hair that is medium thickness. I’m experimenting with water only hair washing. To help distribute the sebum from my scalp to the rest of my hair.” 

How to Properly Use a Boar Bristle Brush

Always brush your hair when it’s dry. never brush your hair while it’s wet due to you can easily rip and or tear your hair. This is a good way to cause split ends. You hair is at it’s weakest point while wet. When you brush the bristles cause friction and thus grabs your hair and stretches it to the point where it might snap. For great results try brushing your hair at least twice a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime.

Refer to the Ed Shears hairbrush classification system to choose the right hairbrush for your intended purpose. For example, if your purpose is to detangle your hair first before styling then you need a detangling brush or a wide toothed comb. And if your purpose is styling, adding curls and waves you will need a high quality round brush.

Read my article on choosing a boar brush for more information if you have not made a purchase yet. If you have already made a purchase then you are going to want to know how to properly use your brush to get maximum benefits. Why spend money on a high quality boar brush and not know the proper way to brush your hair?

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