Teasing Brushes Tips And Tricks

TEASING BRUSH: What is a Teasing Brush?

A TEASING BRUSH, as the name suggests, will “TEASE” your hair by gently fluffing giving hair more dimension and volume. TEASING BRUSHES are used to create the bouffant hair style and the pompadour hairstyle. Teasing or backcombing goes against the direction of the cuticle cells, which if overdone can cause damaged hair.

If you have thin hair and want more volume using a TEASING BRUSH will do just that. A TEASING BRUSH is great for thin hair. By teasing you hair up front for example you can get that fuller look you have been wanting.

TEASING BRUSHES And The Bouffant Hairstyle Tips

Also, if you are into a bouffant hair style (beehive hairstyle) teasing brushes are great for that too. According to Meesh, our in-house hair product analyst, “When First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was pictured with a bouffant in the early 1960s, the look became extremely popular. Her style was frequently imitated at the time.

According to Paul Mitchell, “Give hair volume and lift with the Teasing Brush, a slim, densely-packed bristle brush with a pointed handle for sectioning hair.

Tip: Control Stray Hair

Got a few stray hairs that need to be controlled? the best way is to add a little texture by spraying your teasing brush with hair spray and then put those stray hairs back in place.

TEASING BRUSHES And Pompadour Hairstyle Tips

Also, TEASING BRUSHES are fantastic for creating the pompadour hairstyle. According to Stacey, our in-house hair care analyst, “A pompadour hairstyle has length and volume on top that is swept back, with the sides and back slicked down or short. Elvis Presley was one of the most well-known people to sport a pompadour.

Tip: Get Super Volume

To get the super volume that lasts all day, let your barber know ahead of time that you want to get that pompadour hairstyle look and to cut your hair so that the back part of your hair supports the front. You can’t get the back flat and cut short when the front is longer. To achieve the pompadour look, the back must help the front. Now that your hair is a little longer in the back, you should blow-dry the back of your head upward to support the front. In the back, use the upside-down hairdryer trick as well. This is known as the hair stacking method, and it works very well to give you the all-day volume right away.

Is Teasing Hair Damaging?

Over teasing can lead to hair damage. When teasing you are going against the direction of the cuticle cells, which can remove the cuticle cells from the hair fiber. The objective of teasing is to get more lift up front and add more volume. There are other ways to get ideal volume up front without having to tease hair.

Use the tapered handle for easy sectioning.

But it all starts with your stylist. You need a hair cut that supports this style and then using hair-styling products you can create more volume without the damage.

Teasing Brushes

Teasing BrushesWhat I likeWhat I don’t like
1. Salonchic 8″ Deluxe Triple Teasing CombPrice Sharp teeth
2. Cricket Amped Up Teasing Brush Made in the United States Bristles could out
3. Revlon Perfect Style Softness and Shine Teasing Brush Easily add volume Bristles are very stiff
4. Phillips Brush Teaze 2 Concave Bristle Shape Teasing Brush Mixed boar bristle Plastic beads could break off
5. Tease Me Baby Teasing Comb Brush Amazing price Bristles too long
6. Conair Slim Teasing Hair Brush Does the job Handle uncomfortable
7. Phillips Brush Teaze Concave Bristle Shape Teasing Brush Mixed boar bristle Plastic beads break off
8. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Teasing Brush Does the job Handle uncomfortable
9. GranNaturals Teasing Boar Bristle Hair Brush for Women – Teasing Comb Helps to add volume Bristles too weak
10. Marilyn Brush Teasing and Backcombing Brush Elevated center row Not for thick hair
11. Olivia Garden Style-Up Teasing Foldable Brush Foldable Not gentle on hair
12. Spornette Little Wonder Teasing Brush Lightweight None
13. WOLINSPRING Little Wonder Boar Teasing Brush Mixed boar bristle & tipped nylon None
14. Wet Brush Teeze W/eez Stainless Steel None
15. Drybar Texas Tease Teasing Brush Adds instant volume None

Tips For The Best Way To Create Big Volume Hair Without Using Products Or Teasing

Teasing Hair Infographic - HairBrushy
Teasing Hair Tips

The best way to create enormous volume is to make sure you have the right haircut to support volume where you need it. Your stylist can help. 

Next, use a high-quality hairdryer and a round brush. Simply blow dry your hair upside down. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is. The reason this technique works so well is when you blow-dry your hair upside down, your roots are lifted off your scalp. When applying heat and then a shot of cool air, your hair is now styled to stand up off your scalp and not lay flat. After blowing drying, give your hair a final smoothing using a high-quality round boar brush and you’re done. No hair products or chemicals needed, no over teasing needed. Just a round brush and a hair dryer.

Tip #1 No Tease Big Volume Hair

Do not use a hair dryer with ion technology to get volume. Why? Ion technology smooths your hair and makes it lay flat. As a result, you get little to no volume. That is why I always use a hair dryer that I can turn off negative ions when I want. Now, I am in the driver’s seat and have total control over volume and big hair.

Tip #2 No Tease Big Volume Hair

After you blow dried your hair upside down and while your hair is still upside down, hit it with a shot of cool hair from your hair dryer. Why? This will set your style. Hair molecules will now be set to lift off your scalp. I use a high-quality hair dryer that can blow cool air with the flick of a switch and it goes exactly where I aim it. Sounding like a broken record about hair dryers, ha! But as you can see, the better tools you have, the better your hair style and fewer hair products you need.

Tip #3 No Tease Big Volume Hair

To get in insane amount of volume in your hair, try parting your hair in the opposite direction of your normal part. Why? What happens is you have been training your hair for years to lay a certain way by parting your hair in one spot. And your hair has responded nicely by laying flat and conforming. Now, by flipping your part, you create instant volume. Your hair will stand up off your scalp. To minimize the volume, you can part your hair while about 80 percent dry or a little damp. This will knock it down a bit.

Tip #4 Hot Rollers Give Big Hair With No Teasing Required

If you have time, you don’t forget about using hot rollers. While you are doing other things, you can put rollers in your hair and about 20 minutes, you are done. You will have all the volume and all the right places. Just make sure to let the rollers completely cool before removing.

Tip #5 Mega Hair Volume With No Teasing Required

If you know you want lots of volume, the next day all you need to do is sleep in a bun. No heat or hair dryer required. Just some time and a little planning. After your shower and your hair is almost dry, pull it up in a bun and secure. Use a soft elastic. Now your hair is lifted off your scalp all night. Your hair is now trained to be lifted. When taking out the elastic, you have instant volume.

Everyone wants to quickly reach for a volumizing product, but it’s not needed. Save the chemicals for another day, or maybe never. Why not try this method first, right?

You are going to have so much volume you are going to complain that now you have too much, ha! So you will have to knock it down a bit by smoothing it over with a round boar bristle brush or you can use a little hairspray or dry shampoo.



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