Are Boar Bristle Brushes Vegan?

Are Boar Bristle Brushes Vegan
Are Boar Bristle Brushes Vegan


Boar brushes are not vegan because they contain bristles from an animal. Any hairbrush containing animal parts is not vegan. Vegan brushes are made of nylon and plastic or nylon and wood. The bristles from a boar are actually made of a protein called keratin. Living cells in the hair shaft divide and grow to build and grow longer. Blood vessels nourish the hair cells and deliver hormones that modify hair growth and structure.

Favorite Vegan Brushes
Vegan Boar Bristle Brushes Recommendations
Paul Mitchell Pro Tools 413 Sculpting Brush I like this brush because of the unique slim paddle design which is ideal for sculpting and styling. The brush ball tips come off after awhile but so doe just about all other brushes. So for the price it lasts about a year or more with heavy use, brushing though long hair daily. When the ball tips come off I just cut the bristle and keep using.
Vegan Tampico fiber hairbrush by Redecker The brush is vegan but it’s one of those brushes where you are either going to love it or hate it. It does have a very nice wooden handle which is a big plus. It’s made from tampico fiber, the plant-based bristles condition the scalp while the knots are smoothed and detangling. Stiff bristles retain their shape and withstand high temperatures, perfect for brushing and drying hair.
Aveda “wooden large paddle brush” vegan brush 1st Choice: I love this brush because it’s the perfect size paddle brush with a wooden handle. According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “I personally own this brush and could not be more happy with my purchase.” The wooden handle is comfortable and fits in your hand nicely. In addition the finish is smooth and looks very nice. Bristles are flexible and does a great job at brushing through lots of long hair. In the two years I have owned the brush I have not had any bristles fall out and the wooden handle is still in great shape and shows no signs of wear.
Spornette “Masquerade” vegan boar-like brush According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “The Spornette Masquerade Cushion brush is an oval brush with nylon bristles mounted in an air cushion for more flexibility.” It has a nice plastic handle and the nylon bristles smooth and adds shine to your hair. Great choice.
The Body Shop “Paddle” vegan brush Another very nice and durable paddle brush. I like this one because of the bamboo wooden handle and the flexible air cushion in which bristles are mounted.

Are boar bristle brushes vegan
Are boar bristle brushes vegan?

Are natural hair brushes cruelty free?

A basic hairbrush is made up of mostly plastic. It usually has a plastic handle with nylon bristles which are of course made from petroleum products and are cruelty free.
These are definitely vegan.

Hair brushes have been around for awhile. Hugh Rock was issued the earliest U.S. patent for a modern hairbrush in 1854. Samuel Firey patented a brush with elastic wire teeth and natural bristles in 1870. And Lyda A. Newman invented an “Improved Hairbrush” in 1898, which enabled easy cleaning and had sufficiently wide separated bristles for easy combing.

As we know plastic lasts forever in a landfill, or at least several centuries. So if you are concerned enough to only purchase vegan products and no products that caused cruelty to animals you are most likely also concerned about plastic build up in our landfills. So purchasing a wooden handle brush which is a little more expensive is most likely going to be worth it to you. Let’s remove some plastic from our lives, right?

For many, the problem is when upgrading from a synthetic to a natural brush the main material used for natural bristles comes from boars which are not vegan. This is very unpleasant and totally unacceptable to many vegans. So the main reason to upgrade to a boar bush is that many stylists claim that the use of boar bristles helps to collect and distribute the natural oil of your hair evenly. And that with a natural bristles your scalp is encouraged to produce a healthy production of sebum that smooths down the hair shaft thus increasing brightness and health. So if you are a vegan too bad, you do not get to enjoy healthy, shinny, and soft hair. Well, not so fast. I actually found some alternatives that might actually be worth looking at.

Aveda “wooden large paddle brush” vegan brush

Aveda vegan brushes and more
Aveda vegan brushes and more

My first choice would be Aveda because they are a responsible manufacturing company and I believe the first beauty manufacturer to use 100 percent wind power in their manufacturing facility in Minnesota. Their beliefs are there is no responsible alternative to doing business than through the pursuit of environmental sustainability. And that in believing in this principle it guides them through every decision they make. They also find inspiration for following this principle and believe that nature is not merely something to be cherished and protected, but also should be emulated as a model of sustainability. They believe profit and environmental responsibility will increasingly work together in the future. Aveda supports renewable wind energy development to help offset our carbon footprint over time.

The professional paddle brush pictured above features extended bristles for easy detangling. The longer bristles aids in reducing stress to your hair and scalp during blow-drying and styling. According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “This brush is ideal for blow drying to create smooth and straight styles.” The paddle brush might look odd at first glance due to it is designed with one bristle missing in the bottom. But this hole is to provide ventilation and to help in drainage after the brush has been washed. In addition, it helps to prevent any bacterial growth that could occur with pooling water on the inside.

The Body Shop “Paddle” vegan brush

The Body Shop "Paddle" vegan brush
The Body Shop “Paddle” vegan brush

The Body Shop supports communities that provide sustainable ingredients and accessories from around the world. They have partners that provide support for the women they employ which includes benefits like social projects, academic programs and fair and equal treatment. They have been sustainably sourcing their community trade Shea butter product since 1994.

But mostly for this article you will be glad to know they are 100% vegan. This means their products like the Body Shop Paddle Brush are vegetarian friendly and free of any animal-derived ingredients obtained as a result of animal slaughter. This also includes animal-derived ingredients that do not involve animal slaughter. For example, honey, beeswax, shellac and lanolin. And as you well know many beauty and cosmetics products contains by-products from the slaughter industry. They are proud to say that none of theirs do or ever have or ever will.

The brush pictured above is a large Bamboo brush that massages the scalp while grooming and detangles your hair. It’s ideal for all hair types. Keep your hair smooth and tangle-free with the Body Shops must-have paddle brush. The pins help stimulate the scalp and distribute natural oils, for healthy hair that shines. I find these brushes attractive because they are at good price for a wooden handle brush. Bristles are synthetic.

Spornette “Masquerade” vegan boar-like brush

The Masquerade features nylon bristles to smooth out your hair giving it a luxurious look and feel. locks that shine with a healthy glow. The Spornette Masquerade brush is a vegan and environmentally humane alternative to boar bristle brushes. Will help prevent breakage, frizz and naturally conditions hair, improves texture, stimulates the scalp by brushing. Leaves hair shiny and smooth.

Spornette "Masquerade" vegan boar-like brush
Spornette “Masquerade” vegan boar-like brush

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools 413 Sculpting Brush

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools 413 Sculpting Brush
Paul Mitchell Pro Tools 413 Sculpting Brush

The Paul Mitchell brand has confirmed that it is truly cruelty-free. They do not test on animals neither does their suppliers or even any third-parties. In fact they don’t sell their products where animal testing is required by law. For more you can check here.

Now with that out of the way the brush is basically a plastic brush. So if you are looking for something more substantial look elsewhere. Now there are advantages. First, this brush gets the job done and at a very nice price. And that maybe all you are looking for so for that reason it’s a great value. However, if you are looking for a more expensive look and feel you will be disappointed. This brush is not going to feel like you have a high quality styling tool in your hand due to plastic just does not weigh enough.

Finding the right vegan brush and brush types

Finding the perfect vegan brush can be tricky and is not really straight forward as one might expect. Given the current marketing vegan brushes are really not advertised as one would expect. You really have to hunt for what you are looking for. In many cases product packaging is not clearly labeled as being vegan or cruelty-free.

Finding the right brush for your hair type is another big factor. Just because a brush is labeled vegan it might not suit your needs. For example, a bamboo brush is definitely vegan but is it right for your hair type and your hair style? So before making a purchase let’s jump into some of the most popular brush types and I’ll explain their common uses and what they are good at.

Detangling brush

These brushes excel at unraveling knots and tangle in your hair. Some have wide spaced teeth that allows the bristles or teeth to glide through your hair without causing much friction. Others like The Wet brush have flexible bristles that gently detangle your hair with each brushing.

Thermal brush

These brushes aid in styling and drying your hair. They are usually round brushes with vented holes in the barrel of the brush that lets air pass through from your blow dryer. This helps by cutting down styling time. The barrel is usually made of metal or ceramic material that allows it to heat up very quickly. These brushes are great for adding volume and lift to your hair as well as curls and waves.

Teasing brush

Now if you really need some volume the get a teasing brush. Teasing brushes are very good at adding volume right at the roots or very close to your scalp. The rows of bristles on a teasing brush are staggered so that the height of each row is a little different. This make for a great brush for backcombing and smoothing over to finish your style.

Vent brush

A vented brush is used primarily to help dry your hair. It’s can also used as a brush for styling. It’s perfect for drying and styling at the same time because the bristle count is very low as compared to say a boar brush. This feature thereby helps your hair dryer to dry your hair more quickly as the hot air is able to pass though the brush very easily. Most ventilated brushes only have enough bristles for light styling and adding volume.

Paddle brush

If you have lots of hair then a paddle brush is for you. According to Stacey, Hair Research Analyst, “Paddle brushes have a larger head that enables them to brush through more hair than an oval brush.” By using a paddle brush you can cut your hair brushing in some cases down by at least 25% due to the larger brush head. If you have long hair a paddle brush is your best friend.

Conclusion to are boar bristle brushes vegan

There may be other companies out there that promote sustainable products and accessories. I only mentioned two. I found other products that mention they have good intentions but its really hard to verify. Just because a product says it does in advertisement on a major online retailer’s website is not going to be enough to convince me it’s true.

There are so many fakes and people selling third party products it hard to tell. They are likely to say anything to get a sale. By the time the online retailer catches them they have already set up another shop and changed their name. I would like to see a little more proof than just a one-liner saying its vegan and sustainably sourced. That’s why I only mentioned two major manufactures above. I have confidence in they are for real.

I believe The Body Shop has a really good valued product in their bamboo brush. You get bamboo for $9.00 at the time of this writing, nice! Why buy a plastic handle when you can get bamboo for the same or cheaper price. I really don’t need another brush but I may have to buy this one.

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