Straightening Brush Versus Flat Irons

A straightening brush is a good option for those who want an easier and gentler way to straighten their hair, whereas a flat iron is better for those who have thick or very curly hair or who want more control over their hair styling. Finally, the best option will be determined by your hair type, styling goals, and personal preferences.

Both a straightening brush and a flat iron are effective tools for straightening hair, but they operate in slightly different ways and may produce different results.

What Is The Difference Between Straightening Brush And A Flat Iron?

A straightening brush is a hair styling tool that performs both the functions of a hairbrush and a flat iron. It has bristles on one side and a heated plate on the other and is used to straighten your hair by brushing it through it like a brush.

Straightening brushes are more user-friendly than flat irons because they require less dexterity and are less likely to pull or snag your hair. They are also gentler on the hair because the bristles help to distribute heat evenly and avoid hot spots.

Flat irons, on the other hand, are more traditional hair styling tools that straighten hair by clamping it between two heated plates. Because they apply more heat and pressure to the hair, flat irons are generally more effective at straightening thick or very curly hair. They are, however, more difficult to use and may be more damaging to the hair if not used correctly.

Flat Iron Pros

Flat irons can be used to achieve a variety of styles, including straight, wavy, and curly hair. They can also be used to smooth hair frizz and add shine.

Efficacy: Flat irons are very effective at straightening hair, especially thick or curly hair. They use more heat and pressure on the hair to smooth out the cuticle and eliminate frizz.

Control: Because you have control over where the heat is applied to the hair, flat irons allow for more precise styling. This is especially useful for creating specific looks or focusing on specific areas of the hair.

Flat irons are usually made of high-quality materials and are built to withstand the heat and pressure of styling. As a result, they are typically long-lasting and durable.

Flat irons are portable and simple to use, making them an ideal choice for on-the-go styling.

Flat Iron Cons

Flat irons can cause hair damage if not used properly because they apply high levels of heat and pressure to the hair. Using a flat iron on damaged or dry hair can cause further damage, resulting in split ends and breakage.

Time consuming: Because you have to pass the iron over each section of hair multiple times to achieve the desired level of straightness, flat irons can take longer to use than other hair styling tools.

Difficulty: Flat irons can be more difficult to use than other hair styling tools, especially for those who are new to hair styling. It takes some practice to get the hang of using a flat iron, and if you are not careful, you risk pulling or snagging your hair.

Flat irons can be more expensive than other hair styling tools, especially if they are made of high-quality materials.

Flat irons require routine maintenance, such as cleaning and replacing the plates, to ensure their effectiveness and longevity.

Is A Hair Straightening Brush Better Than A Flat Iron?

I consider straightening brushes are less harmful to your hair. You’re not exposing your hair to direct heat on both sides.

Straightening brushes are more user-friendly than flat irons because they require less dexterity and are less likely to pull or snag your hair. They are also gentler on the hair because the bristles help to distribute heat evenly and avoid hot spots.

Because they apply more heat and pressure to the hair, flat irons are more effective at straightening thick or curly hair. They also give you more control over the styling process because you can direct where the heat is applied to the hair.

Straightening Brushes

Is the Glamfields Straightening Brush really better than a Flat Iron? Here is what you need to know the Glamfields Brush!

The “GLAMFIELDS HAIR STRAIGHTENING BRUSH” seals the hair cuticles and locks in your natural moisture. The “GLAMFIELDS HAIR STRAIGHTENING BRUSH” also eliminates frizz, split ends, knotting, and adds shine. I highly recommend The “GLAMFIELDS HAIR STRAIGHTENING BRUSH” because it leaves your hair smooth and lustrous.

Glamfields Straighter Brush Top Features

  1. Double Negative Ions: The Glamfields Hair Straightening brush seals the hair cuticles and locks natural moisture in your hair, eliminating frizz, split ends, knotting and adding brightness, repairing the hair quality of the damage, creating a smooth, silky, natural lustrous appearance.
  2. Advanced MCH technology: Characterized by heats up quickly, saves energy, is more durable and claims to last longer. The really nice feature of this brush is that it heats up within 30 seconds after turn-on. So if you are in a hurry, who isn’t in the mornings, then this is a great feature. Also the head is wider and has a denser tooth comb so that is decrease the time of straightening.
  3. 4 Heating Settings: There be four different temperature levels from 330˚F to 450˚F (170°C -230°C), to provide you with total control for all your hair condition and hair styling needs.
  4. Easy To Use & Travel Friendly: Small Size with 360 rotating handle, which is easy to operate with one hand to reduce the pressure of the wrist, the international dual voltage 110-240V with extra compatible adapter perfect for travel and vacation.
  5. Safety Controls: Made of High-quality flame-retardant plastic, the automatic shut-off after 30 mins no action for security, temperature lock function can avoid accidentally changing the temperature. 
  6. Warranty: Glamfields provides 1 Year Guarantee and 3 Months Free Replacement or Refund.


Glamfields Straightening Brush Features
FeaturesGlamfileds Straightening Brush 2.0
1 Double Negative IonsY
2 Helps Hair Grow 
3 Polishes Hair-shaftY
4 Creates a Natural ShineY
5 Less StaticY
6 WarrantyY
7 StylingY
8 Easy To Use & Travel FriendlyY
9 Good for Blow-Outs 
10 Maximum Penetration 
11 Advanced technologyY
12 360 Rotating HandleY
13 Auto OffY
14 Temperature Lock FunctionY
15 110-240VY
16 Heat Settings4 Heat Settings
17 LCD DisplayY
18 Fast Start Up30 second
19 GloveY
20 Ceramic HeaterY


The Glamfields straightening brush seals the hair cuticles and locks natural moisture into your hair, removing frizz, split ends, knotting, adding shine, restoring hair quality, producing a smooth, silky and natural lustrous look. 

I highly recommend Glamfileds Straightening Brush because of the price and features.

Straightening Brush 2.0, Glamfileds hair straightener iron brush is packed full of features like, Double Negative ions, Anti-scald, Faster Heating, MCH Ceramic Technology, 110-240V, Travel Sized, Auto Shut Off, and finally a Temperature Lock Function.

You get all this for a reasonable price. I do not feel like folks are being overcharged for the value you are getting in a straightening brush

Hot brushes are great time savers, I am sure you will agree. I analyzed the top brands and documented my findings. I’m sure you will want read before making your purchase. You can find my articles here: “Hot Brushes“. Another article you maybe interested in is my article that answers the question is using a hot brush bad for your hair

Today hair straightening brushes are the latest fad among females of all hair types. The days of flat ironing your hair with all that pain are gone. If you want to try something new and versatile, the hair straightening brush from Glamfields might just the right thing for you. This is ideal for people who prefer a natural healthy look for their hair over the straight look. This hair straightener brush is the smartest hair styling tools to be developed in a long time.


Glamfields Straightening Brush vs. Flat Irons
AdvantagesHair Brush StraightenersFlat Irons
Saves you timeYes 
Gentle on hairYes 
Flattening hair Yes
Easy to useYes 
Pin straight hair Yes
Smooth ends Yes
Straighten close to roots Yes
More volumeYes 
Thick curly hair Yes
Massage scalpYes 
Prep-time reducedYes 


Ceramic comb teeth can heat up quickly without waiting. After use, the straight hair effect you get can last a few days all the way up to when you need to shampoo again. “The Glamfields Straightening Brush tool makes hair look natural, healthy and sleek. It has 4 adjustable heat setting and is suitable for hair condition and hairstyles of all kinds. It’s international voltage capable, sports a 360 rotating handle, includes a 30 minute auto off, with temperature lock, and finally has a user-friendly design.“, according to Meesh our in-house product analyst.  The color is a mini rose colored body with black combs.

Glamfields Straightening Brush Overview

For the price you really get a lo of features plus its a good dependable product. It’s not cheaply made like some over lower cost products on the market.

If you have been using flat iron for the longest time, you may have second thoughts about trying a straightening brush. So let’s get to the points that give you a better understanding of how a brush straightening your hair works better than a flat iron.

1. Quick Results Using Glamfields Brush

To straighten your hair through a flat iron means to spend hours in front of the mirror until you finally get it done! While a ceramic straightening brush requires you to run a couple of times through the hair and make a section. 

According to Madison Reed, “Resilient, silky, and robust, straight hair is an often-coveted, universally flattering hair type. It’s always in style, and it gives a sleek, put-together look to the person wearing it — one of the reasons hair straighteners have become popular.

2. Glamfields Brush Preserves Natural Moisture

According to Stacey our in-house hair care analyst, “The ability to preserve the natural moisture of your hair is one of the most important features that gives a straight hair brush an edge over flat ironing. If you use flat iron to straighten your hair, the moisture from your hair is likely to be sealed.

3. Glamfields Is Safe To Use

Compared to flat iron a straightener brush is much safer to use. A flat iron has hot plates that are easy to get in touch with when using them. If accidentally touched, these bare hot plates can cause burns. But by their protective bristles, a straightening brush saves you from such possibilities. 

According to Versus Salon, “Any time you are using heat on your hair, a heat protectant is a must, as well as using the lowest temperature setting.” 

You should try to select the lowest possible temperature setting that will hold your style. If your style falls out too soon then try slightly increasing the temperature. You may have to experiment with this technique till you find the right setting.

4. Glamfields Brush Keeps Hair Volume Intact

If you are someone who likes to style your hair and keep its natural volume intact, instead of a flat iron, you have to go for a straightening brush. Ironing gives your hair a flattened look, with its naturally rich volume and brightness. A straightening brush straightens your hair without changing its natural shape and adds more individuality to your personality through a flattened look that looks the same for everyone.

5. Glamfields Has Better Heat Protection

Heat protection is one of the most important factors that makes a straightening brush far better than a flat iron. Extreme heat exposure can greatly damage your hair. It can lead to weakened hair, divided ends and falling hair. Even using flat ironing once can cause serious hair damage. On the other hand, a straightening brush does not cause such extreme levels of hair damage. 

Did you know according to Karlines Salon, “The hair-melting factor is a major risk of using the straightening brush because it reaches such a high temperature. Different hair types require different temperatures (the keratin in hair strands begins to melt at 325 degrees). Beyond 325 degrees, the chances of completely melting the hair strands increases.

According to Karlines Salon in Palm Beach, FL, “Everything is about the heat when it comes to electric hair straighteners. That is why you want to ensure that your brush can deliver the amount of heat your hair requires. Maximum heat levels can vary, but they usually go from 350F to 450F. If you have thick and strong hair that is hard to control, you may want to go with the units that offer up to 450F of heat. On the other hand, if your hair is of average length and strength, a lower maximum heat limit should do the trick.

6. No Pains With The Glamfields Straightening Brush

With all the clamping and dragging involved in the whole process, using a flat iron to straighten your hair can be quite a painful experience. But you can save yourself from all the painful tugging when using a hair straightener brush, as the brush tends to run smoother through your hair from the root.

This hair brush iron straightening ‘s double negative ion feature helps you get rid of extra frizz from your hair and fix damage, making it ideal for use on frizzy hair.

The electric hair brush of the Glamfields offers you four different temperature levels. To meet your styling needs, you can set the temperature levels on the brush from 170 degrees Celsius to 230 degrees Celsius.

With our extra fast heat up MCH technology, you can start straightening your hair in 30 seconds. Our beloved brush comes with an automatic shutdown and a safety feature for temperature locking. Universal voltage for global use.

360 Swivel Power Cord This straight compact brush comes with a 360 rotating handle that makes it easy to operate with one hand. Fashionable and efficient design Small size for ultimate convenience in styling Next generation 360° anti-scald bristles 59 bristles allow 7 times more contact than flat iron in every stroke. If you leave the buttons (unpressed) for 5 seconds, all buttons of the device will be locked automatically; press the button twice to unlock constantly.

The best tips for straightening your hair: Only use on dry brushed hair; once cover less hair for thick and curly hair; slowly brush in a pulling movement; make sure your hair gets deep into the inner area of the brush.

What Other Reviewers Are Saying About The Glamfields Brush

I thought about purchasing for quite some time. I finally took the opportunity and made the purchase. I’m so glad I did! I have only owned it for a week, or so but I’m hooked. This brush tames my hair easily and in minutes, no matter how crazy my hair looks in the morning. I don’t like a straightening hair stick. I put the brush on the bottom of the strand and roll it a little. Comes out perfect at all times! This brush works well.

This thing is wonderful! I’ve got thick curly hair and it works like a champion! It took me 20 minutes to get my hair straight compared to my normal time! It’s got more body and less frizzy than a flat iron. I can’t believe this product seriously! It comes with a glove, two clips of hair and a storage bag. It’s also beautiful. I’ll purchase it again! This price can’t beat. Now it’s going to last forever is the question.

I had this for just over a month and it’s not heating anymore and the LCD screen shows only a 9. Don’t waste money.

Glamfields Hair Brush Conclusion


Top 9 Hair Straightener Brush Features
1.SafetySafety is the number one and most important feature of any hair straightening hair styling tool. Most all straightening brushes come with an auto shut-off feature. One with a 30-minute auto-shutoff is ideal.
2.ControlControl is next on the feature list. A straightening brush with a good grip and under a pound is ideal. The grip or handle should be less than three inches in diameter. The larger the diameter, the harder it will be to grip. The worst thing that could happen is you lose your grip and end up burning your ears or having hot air directed into your face.
3.HeatingToo much heat and you burn your hair. Too little heat and your style does not last long. It’s a fine line to maintain just the right temperature for your hair type. It’s ideal for a straightener brush to maintain a precise temperature. The more temperature settings, the better.
4.BristlesBristle type is going to be more of a concern for those who have sensitive scalps or thin hair. Look for a straightener brush with bristles that are nicely rounded or have protective tips. It can make straightening more comfortable.
5.PlatesStraightening brushes either have ceramic or titanium plates. The most common is ceramic. For thin hair, ceramic is your best bet because they heat evenly. Titanium and tourmaline heat much faster and are better suited for thick hair.
6.LockingOnce you have the temperature set, you want to lock it down. Why? You do not want to accidentally press the temperature control button and go from hot to really hot and not be aware. This type of accident can quickly lead to split-ends and maybe even burnt hair. Look for a straightening brush with a temperature lock.
7.ReadoutSpeaking of burnt hair, a temperature readout will be one of the best features to keep you from burning your hair. You need to know the temperature your hair responds to. Always start low and work to hotter temperatures as you gain more experience. You will know the exact temperature to use next time you style your hair, right?
8.Head DesignA wide brush head is good to work through long hair faster. A paddle-style can style 25% faster than other smaller brush heads.
9.WarrantyA good warranty tells you upfront the manufacture stands behind their product. They have confidence in their product and want the customer to be happy. Having a lifetime warranty is of course ideal, but most manufacturers provide either a 6 or 12-month warranty. Also, look for a phone number for the manufacturer. Many smaller companies nowadays don’t readily publish phone numbers on the web. For most major brands, you can find customer support numbers on the web easily.


Overall its a good product with 77% of users giving a thumbs up as of this writing.Overall positive.

Glamfields Brush Specifications:

  • Heater: Metal Ceramic Heater (MCH)
  • Temperature range: 330°F to 450°F
  • Warm-Up Time: 30 seconds
  • Automatic Shutoff: 30 Minutes
  • 360°Rotate Swivel Power Cord: Yes
  • Voltage: 120–240V AC
  • Frequency: 50 -60 HZ
  • Power: 45W
  •  Package Including:
  • 1 x Hair Straightening Brush
  • 1 x Heat Resistant Glove
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 1 x Cloth Bag
  • 2 x Plastic Hair Clips
  • 1 x User Manual

With all the features of this product and combined with it’s reasonable price it’s a good buy. How could you go wrong? My advise is to buy, but make sure to thoroughly check it out before the return period is over. Remember as stated above they provide one year and three month free replacement or refund which is very nice.


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