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Round Brushes
Round Brushes

After reading this article you will be able to wield a round brush like a pro, well may be depending on your skill level. But you have to start somewhere right?

The main tip is to remember not to start brushing until you’re hair is at least 80-90% dry. This way you will minimize any damage. Next big tip is to use professional quality hair brushes. Put the nozzle on your dryer to direct the heat and use a non-metal round brush for a real smooth blow-dry. According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “By using a non-metal brush you are minimizing any possible damage that might occur by getting your brush to hot and burning your hair.” Finally don’t forget to section. It’s going to be much easier to separate your hair and work in small sections.

Professional Round Hair Brushes

A round hair brush is one of the best tools you can use to get that salon look at home. Use professional round hair brushes when blow drying hair, to add volume, to straighten hair, or to curl your hair. Round hair brushes are the most versatile. If you have long hair and want extra volume, use a larger diameter brush barrel. For tighter waves and curls, use a smaller diameter round brush barrel.

1. Round Brushes That Won’t Melt

Are you looking for an un-melted round brush? Well it all starts with the right tools so your hair brush should be of the highest quality. Sadly, not all hair brushes are created equal and certainly you don’t want one that will melt under heat from your blow-dryer, right? A hairbrush melt could lead to a few really bad days of hair. I don’t know any popular styles at the time of this writing which includes melted plastic…

2. Round Brush Size Chart

A salon blowout with the correct brush and some practice can be done at home. Round brushes are usually made of a metal or ceramic-coated barrel which heats up with very fast with a blow dryer. It’s like a curling iron. A round brush is a wonderful tool for taming frizz and providing your hair with a desired bounce. You should however know that if you use a round brush with a metal or ceramic barrel to have fine or even normal hair, serious heat damage can occur if the hair already has weak ends…

3. What Size Round Brush For Bangs

A boar-bristle brush with firmly packaged bristles is the gold standard for stylistic bangs. The densely packaged bristles grab every hair stand and enable you to apply the correct amount of tension while using heat from your blow dryer to set the shape. All it requires is the practice of mastering bang techniques once you have the right tools…

4. Ceramic And Ion Big Round Brush

A ceramic round brush is a versatile dual-tasking instrument that can be used for flattening or curling hair and for pumping up the volume. How much did you really think about buying a hair brush? Are one of those that picks the one that looks good on the shelve? Or take the time to figure out exactly what you are seeking and read the reviews, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages and then buy one? This article is intended to help you make an informed choice…

5. Best Round Brush For Fine Hair Blowout

If you have fine hair and are looking for the best round brushes for a super blowout then you came to the right place. In this article you will be presented with the best selling round blowout brushes and of course opinions of each where applicable. Round brushes are listed in order of popularity…

6. Best Round Brush Volume Short Hair

In this article you will be presented with 5 of the best selling round brushes specifically for short hair that people are using right now to add more volume to their style. This information including pricing are as of the writing of this article and are of course subject to change. The highest priced brush is a modest $13.99 and the lowest is an incredible $4.72. And a heated model for less than $11.00, that’s right this is not a misprint.
What round brush is best for thick hair.

Thick hair is amazingly good and wonderful to have and there are many benefits that quickly come to mind. For example, styles hold longer and you always have plenty of volume. But on the other hand your hair is also prone to have tangles and it takes a a lot longer to dry. There are many round brushes on the market but not all of them are best suited for thick hair. What you should be looking for in a round brush for thick hair is…

Types Of Brushes

The major factor in determining brush type is the density of bristles. Bristle density also helps in determining it’s purpose. Based on bristle density and shape (round or concave) you have the following types of brushes:

Vent brush
Round Brushes
Paddle Brushes
Teasing Brushes
The Wet Brush - Does the wet brush work on dry hair and Is the wet brush good for your hair

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