Wide Tooth Comb For Detangling Secrets & Tips

Wide-tooth combs or detangling combs are normally combs having wider-spaced teeth. Wide-tooth combs glide through hair without pulling. Wide-tooth combs make your detangling job easier.

A wide tooth comb for detangling is used to easily remove knots and tangles in your hair quickly and pain-free. These combs have wider spacing between each tooth allowing more hair to pass through and as a result does not get stuck like an ordinary comb. Ordinary combs have a smaller gab between the teeth and pulls on hair when you have tangled hair. These combs get stuck in your hair and end up pulling at the tangle or knots causing breakage. Wide tooth combs for detangling are much better and are great combs for removing tangles for adults and children with knotted hair. Detangling combs gently separate your hair and with each pass of the comb unravels the tangles. The end result is much less pain, hair breakage and healthier hair.

Wide Tooth Combs For Detangling Tips

Wide Tooth Detangling CombsTipsSecrets
1. Conair Anti-static Detangling CombWidely spaced teeth works well on coily hair and kinky hair.Sharp edges
2. OneDor Natural Handmade Green Sandalwood WideLooks beautiful, made of wood so it does not promote static, frizzy hair.Don’t leave in water
3. PureGLO Detangling Fine Tooth Wooden Hair CombGreen sandalwood & buffalo horn. It’s gentle on your scalp and can improve blood circulation. This might be the right one for you.Rotten egg smell
4. WOW COMB the OriginalThe red insert rolls glides through hair which help with pulling as to help with hair loss.The roller mechanism breaks
5. Swissco Tortoise Wet Comb Wide ToothCompact size about 5 inches and heat resistant. Great comb for working in smaller sections. I love the way it looks.Tortoise is just the color
6. Cricket Ultra Smooth Hair Conditioning Rake Comb infused with Argan OilVery smooth and polished say goodbye to scratching.None
7. Wetbrush Detangling CombSlides through wet hair without causing any pain or pulling. The Wetbrush is know for having flexible bristles with rounded tips. Does not contain boar bristles.None
8. Diane shampoo combGreat for shower and great when combined with a leave-in conditioner for less less breakage. Very similar to the Hercules Sagemann Magic Star Hair Comb but a lot less expensive.Large comb
9. Kent Handmade Large Handle Rake Wide Tooth CombWill hold up well with teeth nicely rounded so you can comb through hair without scratching. None
10. Ultra Smooth Detangler CombInfused with Keratin and has a nice large semi curved handle.Big comb

An effective brush can be used on wet or dry hair, and is suitable for any type of hair. Even for fine hair, because it does not pull through the tangles but instead gently untangles with each pass of the brush. The end result is an effective brush allowing you to detangle hair with ease.

My Tips For Wide Tooth Combs Used For Detangling

Wide Tooth Combs For Detangling
Wide Tooth Combs For Detangling

Many folks will naturally choose a low-cost comb and will not even consider a comb costing more. And that is OK if you are on a budget or looking for something that if you lose or it breaks, that is OK. But note cheaper always comes at a cost. And with most, if not all, cheap combs have rough edges that can snag your hair. So the first thing you need to do when purchasing a budget comb is to check for harp edges and file them down with a fingernail file or sandpaper.

Keratin treatments have the potential to improve the smoothness, shine, and manageability of your hair. Even while you are sleeping during the first three days after your treatment, you should take extra steps to ensure that your hair does not become wrinkled in any manner. This includes avoiding pulling or tugging on your hair in any way.

That is the nature of low-cost combs, they have mold lines and sharp edges. It cost more to manufacture better quality. That is why in my list of recommended combs, I cover all costs. Starting from low to the most expensive. On the cheaper combs, you will find sharp edges, and the plastic will sometimes peel off. On the more expensive combs and brushes, you will not find sharp edges, and the plastic coating will not peel off.

Tips? Well I have three actually. My first is the cheapest, Diane Shampoo Comb because it’s cheap, if I loose it no big deal and get gets the job done. I am willing to file down any sharp edges and I’ll get a new one if the plastic starts peeling. My second tip is the Mason Pearson Rake Comb because I know it’s top quality and I will not have to file down any sharp edges, it has none. And, the reason why is because they polish it for me to smooth the surface.

Now it is not perfect because it will break, so I have to be careful with it. If I drop it on a tile floor, game over. But it is beautiful and looks and works great. And finally, my last tip is the Mason Pearson Detangler Hair Brush. It has a nice handle, good grip and top quality lasting a lifetime. Yes, its expensive but I buy it once and I am done. Plus, if I add up all the cans of hair care products I buy in a year, it does not seem so expensive. That’s another way of looking at justifying the cost. I did not list Mason Pearson in this article but you can read my other articles here:

Also I did not include the Denman brush in this article. The Denman is similar to the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Detangler Comb/brush. To read more about the Denman brush you can read my other article here:

  • Can You Use A Denman Brush On Dry Hair?

Now all that being said, keep in mind, I have a confession. I have a weakness for the Cricket Rake Comb with infused Argan Oil. It’s a very good comb and it is smooth and polished. And the best part is the price. Plus I just love the Argan oil. I know, it does not do a lot but still, I like it.

Why Use A Wide Tooth Comb?

A wide tooth detangling comb is a specially designed comb that easily, quickly and painlessly helps removes tangles.

For more on what you should and should not do read my article on a popular question can I comb curly hair in the shower?

An ordinary comb can pull hair where a detangling comb separates the hair strands and loosens the knots. There are differences between a comb and a brush.

Effortlessly detangle wet or dry hair or distribute styling products through your hair using a extra wide tooth comb.

A brush generally consists of a handle or block to which filaments are attached in either a parallel or perpendicular orientation, depending on how the brush is to be grasped during use. A comb is a tool consisting of a shaft that holds a row of teeth to clean, untangle or style it through the hair. Although we use these two words interchangeably there are very different and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. This article will not go into the differences between the two just note they are different.

Combs made from ivory and tortoiseshell has once been very common, but today new concerns about the animals that produce them have reduced their use dramatically. Wood combs are largely made of boxwood, cherry wood or other fine grained woods. Good quality wooden combs are usually handmade and polished.

A hairdressing comb usually has a thin, tapered handle used for parting hair and close teeth. Common hair combs usually have wider teeth halfway and finer teeth for the rest of the comb. Detangling combs have wide spaced teeth.

How Do You Brush Your Hair With A wide Tooth Comb?

When your hair is almost dry use a wide tooth comb to untangle by starting at the ends and work your way up towards the roots. Some times it’s easier to use your fingers. Also if the tangles are really bad you can use a spritz of leave in hair conditioner. The wide teeth allows the comb to pass through your hair much easier than a regular comb. Each time you comb your hair the comb unravels a little more of the tangles. With every pass more and more hair is detangled. They work great as long as you are gentle. To help the process try a spritz of detangling spray or leave in conditioner. This can speed up the process and makes the wide tooth comb glide smoothly through your hair. The following are paid links.

Secrets And Tips Of Detangling Combs

1. Conair Anti-static Detangling Comb Tip

Tip: The anti-static comb from Conair provides you with a static free styling that is completely controlled. Style your dry hair and smooth it more easily without any frisky fly-a-ways. The widely spaced teeth spread the conditioner evenly across the hair without pulling or splitting ends. The comb can also be used to create volume while styling. It’s for use with all hair types. Good to style either wet or dry.

About Conair

As a small hair-too device manufacturer and hair care company, Conair Corporation started out in 1959. It is now one of the world’s most important and diversified companies of consumer products. It has its headquarters in East Windsor, New Jersey, with sales and marketing operations in Stamford, Connecticut, being a global leader in the production and distribution of personal care, grooming, health products and beauty products, and premium electrical, tool, and cookware.

2. OneDor Natural Handmade Green Sandalwood Wide Tooth Hair Comb Secret

Made of High Quality 100% Natural Green Sandalwood each comb is crafted with traditional handmade techniques therefore each one is unique. Secret: Because it is made from Green Sandalwood, the color of the hair comb will change to greenish as time passes. It also has a unique scent of smell.

The comb is a little over 7 inches long including the handle. It looks very beautiful with the Sandalwood grains showing. The comb comes in different size teeth. They are spaced differently according to hair types. There is an Extra Wide, Wide, and Fine tooth versions. So if you have fine hair you have the option to get the fine tooth version.

Being made of wood they can get wet but you should not leave in the shower or exposed to water for long periods of time. Eventually this will damage the comb. They can be washed and is cleaned very easily.

Frankly these combs look so good you can give as gifts. The wood looks absolutely stunning. Each one has a slightly different grain pattern and all the edges are nice and smooth. All the teeth look to be detailed smoothed and polished. At the time of this writing you get two combs for the price of about $16.00. This in my opinion is an excellent deal considering these are hand finished combs.

The biggest cons are going to be it’s made of wood so you can’t let it be in contact with water for prolonged periods of time. And since it made of wood the teeth may break. It’s just not going to be able to bend and snap back into place like plastic. They have a warranty and return policy and their goal is your satisfaction. So within 14 days if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase you can exchange or return it with no restocking fee but I as of the time of this writing they do charge shipping.

3. PureGLO Detangling Fine Tooth Wooden Hair Comb Secret

This is a green sandalwood hair comb which is made of natural green sandalwood and buffalo horn. They are crafted with traditional Chinese handicrafts. Secret: Buffalo horns are valuable ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine. Each hair comb has unique and distinctive wood grain. They claim the sandalwood combs will never discharge static during usage.

According to Meesh our in-house Hair Product Analyst, “Since the comb is made of buffalo horn you do not want to drop the comb on a hard floor. In addition it should not be exposed to water for long periods or be exposed to strong light or high temperature. I would not recommend use with a blow dryer. This type of brush is best cleaned with jojoba oil or Camellia oil and then left out in the open to air dry after use.

Tip: If you get this brush wet the buffalo horn will start to smell. It’s either a burning smell or a rotten egg smell depending on your nose. It then fades away as it dries out. This comb requires some care, it’s not one of those combs you throw into the drawer after every use. With the proper care is can last a life time.
The comb is very beautiful but most folks are not going to get past the smell. My advise is don’t get it wet.

4. WOW COMB The Original Secret

Secret: This comb is unique because the red insert rolls has little nubs on it that help distribute product evenly. Whatever your product is the comb does a great job at distributing it. It could be hair coloring or conditioner but mainly hair color. No need to remove the roller for cleaning, it washes up with soap and water. Apart from the obvious use for coloring it’s also amazing for detangling hair due to its wide spaced teeth and that’s why it’s mentioned here.

The biggest con seems to be the roller mechanism breaking. But they do have a return policy and it seems if that was to happen it’s very rare. They will replace your comb if you experience a manufacturer defect within the first 30 days of purchase.

5. Swissco Tortoise Wet Comb Wide Tooth Secret

This comb is hand made in India. Secret: Tortoise is just the color. It’s not really made from a tortoise shell. Works on both wet or dry hair. Nice compact size about 5 inches in overall length. This something you could easily travel with or use on the go.

About Swissco

Swissco was founded in 1988 as a Swiss producer of handmade combs and gift articles. Their vision is to bring onto the market affordable yet quality personal and beauty care items. They believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best.

6. Cricket Ultra Smooth Hair Conditioning Rake Comb Infused With Argan Oil Tip

The thing you will notice about this comb is that it is very smooth and polished. There are no sharp or rough edges. The manufacturer does a good job on fit and finish. However keep in mind it cost less than $7.00 at the time of this writing. In my opinion the best manufacture for fit and finish and smoothing out all rough edges is Mason Person. Their Rake Comb C7 comes to mind. Too bad they do not make one infused with Argan oil.

The Cricket comb is between 6 and 7 inches long. It can fit into you back pocket but it’s most likely going to stick out. This comb is highly recommended for long tangled hair. You can use this brush for either wet or dry hair. Its convent size assures you will have it with you went you need it. For those who have long hair that get tangles easily this is the perfect comb to manage those tangles.

Any hair in the comb after brushing can easily be removed without having to cut the hair. It just pulls right out. You will be surprise how easily this comb slides through your hair detangling along the way.

I am not sure how much the Argan Oil actually helps but I would like to believe it plays a big role on how the comb glides through hair. Tip: I prefer combs that are infused with Argan oil and this one is no exception. Love it and you will too.

7. Wetbrush Detangling Comb Secret

The Wet Brush comb is great for sliding through wet hair. And if you have a real tangle you can try a spritz of leave in conditioner or coconut oil. This comb will then slide through your hair like hot butter. the brush has a very nice and comfortable handle. You will have no problem controlling the comb. you can use it either wet or dry.

Secret: it’s plastic. And you know what that means. Any plastic is going to be prone to break. Either the teeth or handle could break. As with two piece handles they are more prone to break then one piece designs. So if you have long tangled hair do not use a lot of tension with this comb. Instead untangle your hair using your fingers and or use conditioner. Otherwise you run a higher risk of breaking the comb. And of course this is true not only for this comb but any comb made of plastic.

For the price of less than $5.00 at the time of this writing The Wet Brush is is a very good deal for a detanging comb with a comfortable handle.

8. Diane Shampoo Comb Tip

The teeth on this comb are so far apart it is not going to damage your hair. This is a great comb for the shower. It can get wet with no problems since it made of plastic. If you have very long, thick or curly hair this is the perfect choice.

Tip: This is a large comb. It’s not going to fit into you back pocket or in your purse unless you have a really big purse. The comb is over 9 inches long, almost 10 inches.

9. Kent Handmade Large Handle Rake Wide Tooth Comb Secret

The Kent comb is almost 8 inches or 199mm long. This one is for either a man or women. Secret: Combs that are molded are cheaper and can have seams that can snag and pull your hair. But Kent goes the extra mile by cut rather than molded from large sheets of cellulose acetate, producing a truly gentle comb. The material is tactile, flexible and hardy.

I like the comb because it offers a one piece design with a nice thick backbone structure that will hold up well with continuous use. The comb has rounded teeth which ensure a smooth and comfortable action. The range includes designs for thick and fine hair, in varying sizes, for both men and women.

Secret: it’s plastic. It’s one piece plastic so that is much better but if you have any of my articles you know what can happen to plastic handles when too much tension is applied. It can fit into a large purse but it really not good to carry around in you back pocket.

I recommend this comb. Its a really good all around comb with a nice handle. It is good for almost all hair types.

10. Ultra Smooth Detangler Comb Tip

This is another Cricket comb. Cricket’s Ultra Smooth Combs are infused with Keratin protein and a special blend of Argan and Olive Oils to reduce frizz without leaving any residue on hands. Argan and olive oils hydrate and repair damaged hair while smoothing for a conditioned, healthy look.

Tip: Keratin improves strength, brilliance and manageability while reducing frizz. Each of these combs is ergonomically designed to glide easily through the hair. Cricket’s Ultra Smooth Oil Combs are an innovation that takes on age-old; I always need hair products in my hair.

This is a big comb. It’s almost 10 inches long. Its really not a carry comb.

Conclusion On Wide Tooth Detangling Combs

The above combs are not perfect but they are some of the most popular and best available at the time of this writing. In addition they are not overly expensive. Their price varies so hopefully you can find one in your price range. However in price range there are feature differences that you may or may not care about.

Did you know Keratin is one of a family of structural fibrous proteins. Keratin is also the protein that protects hair against damage or stress.

Plastic combs are usually cheaper to manufacture and one piece designs are better than two piece designs but they are not fool proof by no means. Wooden handles are better than plastic but they also have their flaws. It seems that no matter what you choose there are trade-offs. But in the long run if you take care of your comb and don’t abuse it it should last a long time.


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