How To Tame Frizzy Hair?

How to tame frizziness when you are having a bad hair day? Frizziness can be tamed by using the right hair care products. Plus, frizzy hair problems are easier solved if you know the proven solutions and techniques that work. So if you have frizziness, do not despair this article is here to help. I highly recommend the following solutions to solve frizzy hair.

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How To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair

“Tame Frizzy Hair” by applying a good leave-in conditioner. “Tame Frizzy Hair” by using a hydrating mask treatment if you have bleached or chemically treated hair. Use hair care products that do not have alcohol is also a great way to “Tame Frizzy Hair” and use a ceramic hair dryer.

According to Meesh, Hair Product Analyst, “Use Argan oil to add moisture back to your hair. To tame out of control condition of Frizzy Hair, apply a tiny amount of hair wax directly to the frizzy hair. Make sure only to use a small amount, so you do not get that weighted down look.” Avoid brushing your hair while it is bone dry. It is going to cause even more frizz. Bleached and chemically treated hair is prone to have frizz. Products containing alcohol will dry your hair causing frizz.

Frizzy Hair Taming Tips From New York Based Hairstylist

How To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair

How To “Tame Frizzy Hair” 18 Solutions

Recommended Frizzy Hair SolutionsEasy or HardWorks Good?
1. Frizzy Hair does better with a sulfate-free and alcohol free shampoo and productsEasyVery Good
2. Use conditioner to fame Frizzy HairEasy
3. Frizzy Hair is controlled by using a hydrating maskEasy
4. Frizzy Hair can be tamed by using Coconut oil or Argan oil. Coconut oil is one of my favorites!EasyVery Good
5. Less frizz is created by air drying your hair to 80% before blow-dryingHardGood
6. Using a diffuser when blow-drying helps tame frizzEasyGood
7. The worst frizz can be tamed by applying hair wax to the really frizzy parts after stylingEasyGood
8. To help with frizz always use the lowest heat setting when blow drying your hairEasyVery Good
9. Always use the lowest heat setting when using a hot brush or flat iron also helps with frizzy conditionsEasyVery Good
10. Invest in high quality products with ample heat settingsEasyVery Good
11. Invest in an ion blow dryer to really solve difficult Frizzy HairEasyExcellent
12. Do not bleach your hair, or at least try to not bleach frequentlyHardExcellent
13. Do not color your hair, or at least use an ammonia free productHardExcellent
14. Do not rub your hair vigorously with a cotton towel after washingEasyGood
15. Be gentle with your hairEasyGood
16. Protect your hair from the sunEasyGood
17. When swimming protect your hair from chlorine, try to wear a swim capHardGood
18. Inspect your combs and brushes for sharp edges that could rip your hairEasyExcellent

According to Stephen Thevenot Stylist from the great sate of Louisiana so he knows all about how to tame frizzy hair in hot humid conditions. He studied at the Aveda institute and then found his way to Eva Scrivo Salons.

  1. Water temperature can help frizzy hair Taking a hot shower feels great especially when the weather outside is cold but did you know it does not do your hair much good? The reason why is because hot water temperature causes your hair cuticle to raised and when your cuticle is raised your hair need more moisture. So like I mentioned above is makes since to turn down the temperature to a comfortable level and rinse your hair.
  2. Products that contain a lot of alcohol can definitely dehydrate your hair So to reduce the frizz look for products that have no or little alcohol. Look for products with glycerin instead which is a great moisturizer and provides a protective coating over your hair. Glycerin is a hydrating ingredient used in many shampoos and health products and has the ability to absorb moisture in the air.
  3. Haircuts can help with frizz Have you noticed how much better you feel after a good haircut? Getting regular haircuts trims off any dead ends or split-ends. Sometimes split-ends can travel up the hair shaft and cause even more damage and of course more frizzy hair. It’s a great idea to get a trim if you notice you have split-ends. Also a good hair cut will also help keep your hair in place and your hair will lay down properly. This really helps in regions where humidity is high.
  4. Conditioners also tame the frizz Did you know every time you shampoo your hair you are stripping away essential oils from your hair. These oils need to be replaced. Once way to help with this is to use a good conditioner that can add and lock in moisture back in your hair. Also you may not need to shampoo every time you shower. You might try adding conditioner instead. When applying conditioner try to avoid putting conditioner directly on your scalp. Apply conditioner to your hair and hair ends. This way you avoid having a greasy scalp. So the routine would be to shampoo and condition one day then the next time just condition. You can alternate this sequence finding a happy medium where your hair is not frizzy.
  5. How to tame hair with conditioners Another really good idea for those really hard to tame frizzy hair conditions is to use a good hair mask or hair repair conditioner. You can consider using a hair mask at least once a week. Look for products containing ingredients like coconut oil, and one of my favorite, argan oil. These oils can penetrate hair to bring back moisture under the cuticle to the hair shaft. These products also have a masking affect that helps your hair lay down flat.
  6. Heat from hair care tools can cause unwanted frizz You always should use a high quality negative ion hair dryer that produces negative ions. Negative ions really work to help dry your hair with less heat and faster. The end result is frizzy hair lays down. Heat is your hair’s enemy and too much heat can damage hair causing hot spots and split-ends. So turn down the heat and always use a good heat protectant. On really hot and humid days it’s best to not use hot air tools and or curling irons. But if you do use a heat protectant. Leave in treatment can definitely tame your frizzy hair conditions
  7. One technique that works really well is to lock in moisture immediately after taking a shower To do this simply use a leave in treatment right after taking a shower. Look for products that contain oils, silicons. These ingredients form a barrier to help moisture from penetrating. Some product also contain coconut oil which not only prevents frizz but also helps protect your hair against breakage.
  8. Friction promotes frizzy hair conditions Did you know that rubbing a towel across you hair is not good for your hair cuticle and can cause frizz. A cotton towel has micro fibers that can catch your hair and cause damage if you are too aggressive. You can use a pillow case instead. A silk pillowcase is the best option. Silk is very slippery and does not promote frizz like a cotton towel. It it allows your hair to glide across with much less friction. Speaking of friction, brushes also will cause friction. So when it’s time to comb your hair try using a wide tooth comb instead of a brush. A wide tooth comb has less bristles therefore glides through your hair much easier. Less bristles of course equates to less friction which means less frizz. Also by using a wide tooth comb you will help with less hair breakage especially if you have tangles.
  9. Using a hair dryer diffuser to tame hair Most high quality hair dryers come with a diffuser. Have you ever noticed when blow drying your hair air from your hair dryer tosses and blows your hair in all directions? Well if you have curly or wavy hair this action can make frizzy conditions even worse. The best technique is to attach a diffuser to the front of your blow dryer and work in sections. This cuts down on a lot of the movement so that your curls are not bouncing around all over the place. Also try waiting for each section to dry naturally a bit.
  10.  Hairspray for the last few frizzy hairs There are always a few hairs that just will not comply and will be standing out once your hair is styled and dry. For these stubborn few you need to spray them with alcohol free hairspray. You can lock these hairs in place with a few well placed shots of hairspray. In a pinch you can also use a little water. Or a mist of water from a home made water mister. You might even want to add a touch of your favorite leave in conditioner to the water mister.
  11. And lastly your hair style can save you from the frizz Instead of having your hair fly all over your face on hot humid windy days try a hair style that keeps your hair in place. For a sleek look you can always place your hair in a loose bun or try a high pony tail to lock you hair in place. This technique can last all day and it keeps your hair out of your face.

You too can have beautiful silky straight hair by following these frizz eliminating hair care tips.

What Is Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy hair is defined as hair that sticks out from the rest of your hair and are strands that are very dry and can easy fly away. These strands refuse to stay in place like the rest of your hair. It’s hair that simply won’t stay put and looks unruly. In some cases it can even have a different texture and feel much different than the rest of your hair. So, there are many variations of frizzy hair. For example you could have frizz that is on top of your head only or have frizzy hair on the ends of your hair. There are many looks but they all have similar causes.

According to Stacey, our Hair Research Analyst, “Protect your hair and fight frizz by using products that clean and moisturize without adding sulfates, paraben and other unwanted ingredients.” Here are some of my favorite shampoos to help fight frizzy hair, and they contain no sulfates, parabens, alcohol or formaldehyde.

Favorite Shampoos For Frizzy Hair

1. Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo To Tame The Frizz

I love this shampoo and conditioner because it contains argan oil of Morocco & silk proteins. Smells wonderful and works very well on thin dry hair. I also recommend for for curly hair too. A great product at a reasonable price.

2. Intelligent Nutrients PureLuxe Replenishing Shampoo For Frizz Control

I like this shampoo because its fresh and clean and does a good job at adding moisture without weighing it down. The shampoo uses a lot of plant ingredients. Has a floral scent.

3. Truss Curly Shampoo For Curly or Wavy Hair And Frizz Control

I recommend this shampoo because it’s gentle enough for fragile or damaged curly hair. It does a great job of adding moisturize and helping to eliminate dry, frizzy hair .

4. Queen Collection Moisturizing Shampoo Helps With Frizzy Hair

I like this shampoo because it moisturizes dry, itchy scalp. It also nourishes the scalp and helps to eliminate flakes and dandruff. Has many ingredients such as Shea butter to help to restore dry damaged hair.

Controlling “Frizzy Hair”

There are many styling products on the market to eliminate or help control frizzy hair. I did some research and rounded up some of the most popular products and listed them by price per ounce. So the cheapest appears at the top of the list. The overall price maybe be higher but you end up getting more fluid ounces so the price per ounce ends up being cheaper. so you save in the long run. These are not shampoos. These are sprays, foams and or creams.

Please note cheaper does not always mean better. In my research I concluded there were two products that stood out as far a customer satisfaction. People who purchased these products were very likely to be satisfied with their purchase. The two products that stood out were OGX Strength and Length plus Golden Turmeric Anit-Frizz and Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion. It’s interesting that the OGX is in the middle of the pack as far as price and the Moroccanoil is on the high end.

Styling Products to “Tame Frizzy Hair”

1. TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Serum, Frizz Control

Works great on fine hair. Has a good smell. Can use on wet or dry hair. Helps fight frizzy hair due to humidity.

2. John Frieda Frizz Ease Curl Reviver & Volumizing Mousse Frizzy Hair

Helps fight frizzy hair plus I like it because you also get a thermal protectant and UV filter.

3. OGX Strength and Length plus Golden Turmeric Anti-Frizz

Just rub it in and let hair dry naturally for a smooth, frizz-free style without the heat. I like the coconut milk scent. Try a little at first then work you way up to what you think is appropriate as not to leave your hair too limp. Does not contain cyclomethicone which is a popular ingredient in many products. This is a big plus for me.

4. John Frieda Frizz Ease 3-day Flat Iron Spray Block Out Frizz

I like the weightless spray and it removes frizz. Leave hair glossy and smooth. Use on dry hair, just spray on.

5. Color WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray anti-humidity prevents frizz

I like the spray, easy to use, just spray to encapsulate and transform hair texture so they fall in smooth, silky alignment. Lasts for more than one shampoo.

6. John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum

Apply to wet hair and distribute evenly using a comb. Avoid getting it on your scalp or roots. It’s a bamboo extract anti-frizz serum. Safe for color treated hair.

7. Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion

I like most all Moroccanoil products and this is no exception. Its eEnriched with argan oil, argan butter, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids to leave hair smooth, soft and manageable.

8. Redken Frizz Dismiss Instant Deflate Oil-In-Serum For Frizzy Hair

Good anti frizz hair oil and serum that helps control frizz caused by high humidity. Can apply to damp or dry hair. Goes a long way do not have to use much.

9. Herstyler Hair Repair Serum – Frizz Control

I like the lightweight frizzy hair serum and it does not weigh your hair down. Its non greasy which is good.

10. Garnier Fructis Style Smooth Air Dry Anti-Frizz Cream

Just apply to wet hair before blow drying to tame frizz. Good value for the money and works well.

11. Garnier Fructis Style Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk for Frizzy Hair

I like this product because its paraben free and contains argan oil. Does a good job at fighting fizz hair without being too heavy. Very good product!

A great low cost way to brush through frizzy hair is to use a vent brush. Vent brushes are great because of the lower bristle count and wide spacing of the bristles contribute to less friction as it brushes through your hair. This results in less static and frizz for your hair. In addition, adding your favorite leave in conditioner or a spirits of water greatly helps. As you will find out different brushes react differently to your hair and as a result some are better than others depending on your hair type and humidity conditions. By using this technique you greatly increase the effectiveness of our brush. To get the full story and all my research please refer to my article called vent brushes.

Favorite Anti Static Hair Brushes – 3 Solid Choices

1. Cricket Static Free Fast Flo

Very good brush and it helps with static hair. Ball tips comes off, but I cut the bristle and keep using the brush. Generally lasts about 4 years. I can’t complain too much due to the low price.

2. Spornette Anti Static Vent Brush #9000

Very good vent brush and really helps with static. Ball tips come off but when that happens I cut the bristle and keep using the brush.

3. Static Minimizer Brush from Conair

I like it because it uses bristle-and-yarn technology to reduce static. Now that being said it’s not going to perform miracles. Good all around vent brush.

Causes Of Frizzy Hair

Causes Of Frizzy Hair

Dry hair is the number one cause of frizzy hair. When your hair gets too dry it naturally wants to become frizzy. You hair can get so dry it tries to absorb moisture from the air and as a result you get that wild frizzy look.

Damaged hair can also have the frizzy look. Many times when applying way too much heat to your hair during styling you can easily cause damage giving you that frizzy look. And if you start out with dry hair to begin with and then apply a lot of heat when styling you cause that unwanted frizzy look. Read my article called: How to protect hair from damage. In this article I explain 7 pro tips on how to protect your hair from damage. After reading this article your hair will love you!

Over coloring, chemical treatments and beaching can also damage your hair and thus give your hair the frizz. This can lead to you having very dry hair.

Another way to damage, dry out your hair and giving you frizzy hair is over shampooing. This is common and many people have and don’t even realize they are over doing it. Then one day, bam! You got a bad case of the frizz.

Brushing and over brushing can cause the frizz. Brushing dry hair can give your and instant case of the frizz. Read my article called: Why does my hair get static when I brush it?

Use The Right Shampoo And Conditioner To Tame Frizzy Hair

One of the first steps in controlling frizzy hair is to use the right shampoo. There are hundreds of shampoos out there and everyone has one or more they can recommend. The main thing to look for when purchasing a shampoo is alcohol. You want a shampoo and conditioner that does not contain alcohol.

In addition, you want a shampoo and conditioner that does not contain any sulfates. To avoid frizzy hair look for shampoos that are sulfate free because sulfates strips away all your natural oils making your hair dry out faster and looking frizzy. Many shampoos contain sulfates because it creates a lot of lather. Without lather many people will feel like its not cleaning like it should. Whether you realize or not your shampoo and conditioner can have a big impact on your hair.

Glycerin helps tame frizzy hair

Many shampoos have Glycerin and glycerin helps fight frizzy hair. Glycerin is used in many products as a moisturizer. It’s an emollient that soften and moisturizes your hair. It forms a coating on your hair and helps absorb moisture and keep it locked in. So when looking at the ingredients in shampoo look for glycerin to be listed first or near the top of the ingredient list. This indicates there is more glycerin or a higher concentration in the product. Glycerin acts like a deep conditioner and of course as you well know reducing dry brittle hair can help with reducing breakage. Keeping you hair and scalp healthy your hair will grow faster and you can reach the length you want for your hair style.

Tip: Tip Glycerin is a water soluble alcohol that is a very good moisturizer.

There are many other benefits of glycerin you might not be aware of. For example, Glycerin also helps with itchy scalp. Especially during Winter months when the air inside is very dry. The dry air tends to dry out your scalp thus leading to itchiness. But by applying glycerin on a regular basis can offer a welcomed relief to an itchy scalp. You can also use glycerin as a leave in treatment for your hair. By having a glycerin treatment you can help your dry brittle hair stay soft and put an end to the frizzles.

If you happen to have dandruff using glycerin can help by using on a regular basis. It’s moisturizing properties can help with dry and flaky scalp plus it has a cooling effect.

Tip: Do not use Glycerin right after using a permanent dye!

But please take note there are some down sides to using glycerin that you should be aware of. First many folks with died hair know to avoid it all together due to it can strip color from your hair. In reality glycerin is actually a good solvent therefore it can dissolve dye that is close to ht exterior of your hair. This is especially true for hair that has just been colored. The reason is because the hair cuticle may not be completely sealed and thus susceptible to color loss when glycerin has been applied. But if you had your hair colored and it after the first wash then chances are the cuticle has been sealed. The hair color is now in the cortex of the hair and with the cuticle being sealed there is not much chance the glycerin will strip away any of the color.

Make your own glycerine spray to tame the frizz

You can make your own glycerine treatment right at home with a few simple items. Here is what your need:

  • 2 Teaspoons of pure organic vegetable glycerine or vegetable glycerine
  • 1 Tablespoon of Olive oil

1 Spray bottle Make sure you choose a vegetable based glycerine, one that is primarily made from coconut, palm and or Shea butter. Mix all the ingredients in your spray bottle and apply. Apply to your hair while it’s still damp. You will need to experiment with using different amounts until you find what works for your hair. Ideally the spray bottle you choose is one that has a mist setting. You can add a little water but make sure you use only distilled water. The reason why you only want to use distilled water is because you do not want any minerals that can dry and dry out your hair. After you mist your hair with the glycerine treatment you can use a wide tooth comb and gently comb your hair. This will help evenly spread the glycerine treatment throughout your hair. Style your hair as normal. If you need to you can use again during the day to refresh your hair to tame any flyaways. Spray and reshape your hair as needed. You can use your fingers if needed.

Tip: Do not use Glycerin if you are using a semi-permanent or red dye on your hair!

Now, all this is fine and good unless you are a redhead. And the reason why is the red dye molecule is too large to penetrate into the cortex of the hair shaft and thus primarily resides on the exterior of your hair. The red dye is now more susceptible to glycerin. Glycerin can now dissolve and remove the color and also accelerate color fading in your hair.

Negative ions tames frizzy hair

Also you can tame your frizzy hair by using negative ions. Click here to read my article on negative ions how it works and more: What is a negative ion hair dryer? I was very skeptical at first about negative ions. All the major manufactures were touting their negative ion hair dryers and how it can easily tame frizzy hair but until I actually tried it I was a non believer.

Tip: The bottom line is Negative ions tame frizzy hair!

Matter of fact it works so well I highly suggest you get a hair dryer that has the ability to turn off  negative ions. There are going to be many times when you do not need or want to use this feature. And here is why. If you have thin hair or perhaps thin to medium hair by using negative ions your hair will lay very flat. You will have that sleek and shinny look but your hair will not have much volume. And for thin haired people that might not be the look you are after. You may want more volume so by turning off the negative ions you get that volume.

Tip: Negative ions turned on you get sleek and shinny hair.

A perfect example would be when you want more volume at the “base” of your hair or at the roots close to your crown. In this example I would turn off the negative ions and style the base and then turn on negative ions to do the rest of your hair. This way you get that full volume look up top and a nice sleek shiny mid-shaft hair style with little to no frizz.

Tip: Negative ions turned off you get more volume for fine to medium hair.

You can do a side-by-side comparison to see the results of using negative ions. Just simply style one side of your hair with the negative ions on and the other side with negative ions off and compare the difference. You will clearly see the side with the negative ions is sleek, shinny, flat and has little to no frizz. The other side with the negative ions turned off you will see your hair has more volume, a little less shine and more frizz.

You hair will have more shine when you use negative ions. And that is because the negative ions will close you hair cuticle thus making it look much more shiner. When you look very closely at your hair you will see your hair shaft is actually made up of tiny shingle like structures and protect the hair core. these shingles will lay down nicely giving you that shiny sleek look.

Tip: Hair dries much faster with Negative ions turns on!

Also I have noticed a big difference in drying time. With negative ions turned on your hair will dry much faster. With negative ions turned on, the ions play a big part in dissipating the water molecules and thus your hair drys faster. This was another claim I was really skeptical about but it really works. so my conclusion is all the claims manufacturers have been making about Negative ions is true.

Tip: My advice is to invest in a high quality hair dryer with the ability to turn off negative ions should you choose to do so.

Get that sleek hair style. Also, you might be interested in a great tutorial on how to get that sleek straight hair. Plus you may have static in your hair brush and are interested in know what to do. If so then read my article called: How to get static out of a hair brush.

While you are in the shower shampooing your hair try to use the coldest water you can. By using hot water on your hair can make it harder for your hair to retain moisture. So hot water is really a double edged sword. Hot water has good benefits but also has some bad ones when it comes to frizzy hair.

Hot water opens up your pores and allows the scalp to absorb moisture and natural oils which can be great for hair growth. The hot water also helps wash away dirt and excess hair product and oil from your hair. But rinsing with hot water also washes away essential oils which can leave your scalp and hair dry and frizzy. Having dry scalp and hair leads to having the frizz. By using colder water to rise your hair it tends to help trap moisture which in return leaves your hair and scalp hydrated. It tends to close up pores and prevents dirt and oils from entering the pores. Now, I am not saying to take an ice cold shower. All I am saying to not to rinse you hair with really hot water.

By using only cold water you end up with more of a flat looking hair, Hair with not much volume. And this is because cold water will trap moisture in your hair making it look too flat.

The best approach is to use both hot and cold water. Here is how. Start by shampooing your hair with hot but not too hot water. This gets out all the dirt and excess oils from your hair and scalp. Then rinse out the shampoo using lukewarm water. Apply your conditioner and rinse the conditioner off with cold or cooler water. This method now seals your pores.

Apply conditioner to all of your hair to tame the frizz

When applying your conditioner always apply the conditioner to all your hair and not just the tips or ends. By applying conditioner to all of your hair promotes much less frizz. You are conditioning all of your hair that can get dry not just the ends. By taking this approach you will find your hair to be much less frizzy. Also you might try using a shampoo and conditioner that is made by the same manufacture. In some cases this can help because the shampoo and conditioner are made to be used together. What one product takes out the other product (conditioner) puts back in.

What To Do For Frizzy Hair Once Out Of The Shower

Once you get out of the shower let your hair air dry. If you use a cotton towel to dry your hair then the microfibers in the cotton towel can snag your hair and pull it. While wet, a cotton towel can snap your hair and cause the split end frizzy look over a period of time. If you must dry your hair then use an old t-shirt and gently pat your hair to get it as dry as possible. Air drying is the best. This technique will help keep your hair looking smooth and it will help with eliminating heat damage sine your are not using high heat to dry your hair.

Hair Cuts Helps With Frizz

If you have frizz on the ends of your hair this could be because of split ends. So in this case consider getting a trim every few weeks. This will cut off the damaged parts of your hair making it much smoother.

Protect Your Hair From The Frizz

When styling your hair you can apply a heat protector. This will go a long way in protecting your hair when using heat to style. Also, be sure to use the lowest heat setting you can while styling. A good high quality hot brush works great. Yes, you might have to spend a little more money for a high quality hot hair brush but in the long run it’s going to be worth it.

I like the ones that have a digital temperature display so you can see what temperature you are working with. I would recommend paying a little more for a good quality hot brush so that you know you are getting even and consistent heat at the right temperature. After all you just went through all of the trouble washing your hair and spending top dollar on shampoos and conditioners so why not also do the same for your hot brush, right?

What do you know about ceramic hair dryers? Are they any good and are they worth purchasing? Is is any better? Well if you want answers then read my article called: Is a ceramic hair dryer better?

Low Cost Option To Tame Frizzy Hair That Works Great!

Low Cost Option To Tame Frizzy Hair That Works Great

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine is a leave in conditioner tames frizzy hair, works great and is low cost. There are several ways to apply the leave in conditioner. One way is to apply to your hair while still in the shower. You can even apply while shampooing. Another way is to apply to your hair after a shower. The leave in conditioner is very thick and has a white creamy look. I usually apply after a shower. Depending on the length o your hair you should use about the size of a dime for short hair and longer hair will need more, about the size of a quarter. Apply to your hair and then do a comb through. This should be enough to control frizzy hair. But you may need more if you hair is really dry.I am very prone to frizzy hair and I use this product all the time. Now that being said it’s not my favorite product because of the smell. It has fruity smell. I think the smell comes from the combination of citrus protein, fruit and plant-derived extracts. But most people seem to like the smell. After a while it just wears on me and I fast get tired of the smell. But the product works extremely well. It does not leave your hair greasy. Matter of fact after applying you do not need to wash your hands because it does a good job of absorbing and as a result it leaves your hands non-greasy. After applying I just rub my hands together and that’s it.

tames frizzy hair

I like the product and think its a good buy because of the Argan oil. Garnier says the Argan oil soaks into dry, frizzy unmanageable hair for lasting smoothness and shine. And says it provides frizz control even in 97% humidity. And I have to agree, it works very well.